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War, mind your manners and pick your fights accordingly. According to the reports we've been getting, Toll's impressive ODD isn't a result of being an unstoppable juggernaut: it is due to his indifference to dodging.

We keep clearing baby stacks, mini stacks, undodged defense villages, half built defense villages, and I know others have done the same. It's all part of Toll's amazing game play - the game play that is so incredible that he's made a habit of out letting Ronin know that we're the worst tribe ever, and he would have gotten away with a world win if it weren't for everyone except for him.

I tip my hat to him, it takes true self-confidence to lose more villages in a war than you have gained - to credit all of your actual growth to heavy barbing and internals - and still be able to look down on people who have been nobling you out.

For anyone mildly curious, from atop BS Mountain, overlooking the plains full of we, the insignificant, sits the mighty Toll, who looks at his war caps with fatherly pride. With 2.312 gains (which has already been shown by parties outside of Ronin to have been largely inactive accounts) and an impressive 2.732 losses.

And, in true sporting fashion, proudly lets everyone know how he feels about his opposition:

but again, hats off being able to pull it off. Although im disappointed to lose to what i would deem the worst tribe to win a world...because as individual players, your not good


You do realize i was +350 on war stats, and had eaten through Glitch and Wright until Kimkhan donated almost 300 of my vills while sitting me back in october, which would kill almost all players

Both players were inactive. We've been through this, dear. Glitch specifically told you they were not playing the account. You didn't really get anything from the account until it confessed that a new business had opened and they had no time to do anything but work. You took advantage of that situation. Wrong? No - kudos for the easy caps. But to pretend like you worked for them? Try harder. As I stated, Wrightway was proven to be inactive when you hit. No retaliation, no increase in ODA. The player (singular) in Wrightway had RL issues and left the account with Ronin. You'll notice that when he came back (and yes, it is the same Sir Grumpsalot that we know and love who is back in that "dead account") you were unable to really take anything from him again.

Forgive me for not being impressed by the two examples you gave. The horse is dead: beating it won't teach it a lesson.

By the way, great job on alienating Kim; we here in Ronin appreciate the Toll-drama. Kim was the only player in your whole tribe who was willing to sit you - and did so without much time to do anything. He did what he could and what he could do wasn't good enough for you. Instead of coming back and thanking him for what he was able to do, you came back and condemned him.

That tells me what sort of team player you are, and you should be ashamed for not appreciating a favor done, even if it did not work out the way you wanted it to, even if you felt he could have done a better job. It is a good example of the difference between how Ronin treats one another and how Infect treats one another.

You have cheated to the best of your abilities by dumping dead accounts on me continuously, and youve attacked me with many, many players continuous since the start of war, trying with all your might to surround me with as many players as possible (you forget your failed barbling plan around my empire)...yet with all of this, and no tribal support, im still just moving on

For someone who has played as long as you have, you have a rather awkward grasp of the rules. I assume - once again - that you reported these cheats to the mods and, as I have assumed the whole time, they found nothing wrong. I encourage you to write the mods again. And I say this with full sincerity: if you do not feel comfortable with the response you are given, you are welcome to ask for a senior mod to look into the matter. Or, alternatively, a different mod if you feel favoritism may be in play. (Forum mods, if giving this advice is against the rules, feel free to delete it. I have absolutely no idea how to convince Toll to go to the mods and have them resolve any concerns of cheating and am actually sincere in encouraging him to take it up with a senior mod or a different one if he somehow feels he's getting the run around. He's no longer beating a dead horse; just this greasy smear of fur and pounded ash where a horse once was.)

We also haven't attacked you with "many, many players continuously." At all. You didn't matter for half the war until you gifted out your backline and grew a frontline by barbing everything in sight. Not through war caps, but through internals and barbs.

We also haven't been "surrounding you." we've been slowly eating both toward you as we fill in the holes in our lines, and through you. You've had to start barbing in a whole new area to build a whole new front to lose because you've been bleeding so badly on this one.

Props for persistence, but no points for style.

Lastly, there was no "barbling" plan around your "empire." If you recall, we jumped inside Gest after promising to do wicked things to him. There was a lot of panicking and shuffling - and then we carried on with our actual course of action. We didn't lose anything we planned on keeping, and we kept many things we planned on losing.

the reality is that if you all were worth anything....if even semi capable of playing this would have eradicated me by now. yet, here i sit as a single player with no co's (unlike all of your accounts), online for just a couple hrs out of the day....and yet im able to hold you guys off

Yeah, the stats certainly show that you're able to hold us off :)

I didn't bother running a "Toll vs THE WORLD," since, while a few players are nipping, the bulk of the action has been between you and Joelllove/Wrightway.

Side 1:
Players: Wrightway, joelllove
Side 2:
Players: TollxBooth

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 530
Side 2: 695
Difference: 165


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 464
Side 2: 162
Difference: 302


This, of course, happening with poor Toll up against "the worst players in the worst tribe ever" and a dead account.

The tragedy of it.

That isn't skewing numbers - and that doesn't bother taking into account how you have a steady pattern of losing territory and gaining it back by just nobling a brand new cluster of barbs to try it again. So once more: props on being stubborn. But as far as raw talent? We'll just leave it at props for being stubborn :)

But you are NOT like tribes of other worlds. Your simply not that good. Its not an opinion. Its simply by the fact that you have tried to break my will since Jan and youve havent even come close

No, we haven't. You were a backline account for quite a while. When you showed up like a bad rash, you still didn't gain any ground through anything more than barbs until the players you were beside had their own respective issues (and again, I want to emphasize, one of them told you this).

In other words:


But you are right, we aren't like other tribes in other worlds. I have played with and against some amazing players, I have seen amazing tribes: but none of them have made me as happy as Ronin has.

When everything was bleak, they soldiered on. When tempers flared, they cooled and came together again. I do remarkably little as a duke: what Ronin has accomplished they have accomplished in spite of me, not because of me. They have gone from being the underdog to the winners of the world. They have gone from first time players to seasoned warriors. My guys, by and large, are scrubs.

They are loyal to one another and have pulled players out of the fire even if they do not agree with one another. They didn't fall apart or collapse due to bickering or egos, they didn't point fingers and lash out at one another when it looked like we were going to lose this world. They held a stiff upper lip and carried on to their doom. They did not accept the cajoling to join Infect, they did not listen to the lies Infect spread to get them to quit or give up information or turn sides.

I can think of many players with more skill or experience than many of my guys have, but I'll take these players over them any day. They did amazing things: they still do amazing things.

You should pat yourself on the back for knowing how to break the rules, and having as many traitors as possible.....but you havent won by being a good tribe, or more importantly, a tribe that is feared

No rules were broken: none needed to be to break Infect. You were outplayed: either Infect or Ronin would be outplayed in the end, it just happened to be you.

We won by having a tribe that stuck together when things looked bad. That sat one another when things were rough. That supported one another.

DSy4 was a tribe to be feared.

Infect was a tribe to be feared.

Ronin didn't have to be feared.


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Poor Toll gets called out again and again :(

He doesn't seem to understand, e just doesn't make the grade. As said by you J, You are good when it comes to not giving up, but you just don't understand different game situations.

Sorry Toll,



i couldnt even read through your blather jen......its a bunch of nonsense and made up "facts" like usual. Ill let others read your crap

the only thing i caught was "way to alienate kimkhan for he was the only one to take a sit"

um, no....xxaven to a sit at the start and did well (as expected)

splash to a sit, and did fine

kimkhan took the sit and never logged in and never gave it back, even when other were asking for it

plus, he didnt fight on his own account

yes, im proud i finally was able to get rid of another horrible player, and a traitor who kills accounts

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toll youre blind to the truth. you know you were played but you dont want to admit and then have to apologise to everyone of your mistake :D


Warm congratzzzzz to all the players remaining & to Team Ronin for their quiet persistence. Looks like you have 50% more real estate than the #2 although unsure if the required dominance for end game has been achieved yet. Well done! :)


End game checklist World age 180 / 180 days180 / 180 days Top dominance 60% / 60%60% / 60% Final countdown 32 / 90 days32 / 90 daysTop tribes by dominanceRonin 67% Infect 30%

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loggin in any of tw site first time since May 2015. Took like 10-12 attempts to remind my forum pw.Congratz to ronin for winning it.
hows everyone doing?