The Journey Continues...


Hi there! I will be blogging for you fine people once again!


So here is where you will find my blog:

The Journey Continues.

Please feel free to leave a comment behind there, the comment box is at the bottom of the page and is very quick and easy to do. I will be making a new blog every Wednesday so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading :)


Just to clarify, you may have guessed but for the less observant I have moved to the graphics blog, as there really wasn't enough activity on World 43 to blog about.


There is plenty of activity on world 43 Harb.

FROST are eating everyone as fast as possible, whilst those been eaten are busy trying to eat more barbs than they lose villas to FROST.

The poor Barbarian villagers are quaking in their boots wondering who will attack them next, and last but not least the Mods seem to be kept busy with the recent number of player bans that seem to be happening.

All in all world 43 is busier than it has been for some time.