The Legion needs You!


Legionis Imperii


This tribe is relatively new, but we seek not to become the most powerful, but the longest lasting. We believe that by uniting more people we can keep strong as a full force. Yes, it is true that it is better in the end to have more quality members, than it is to have quantity, but if we can grow, and have active members who become quality members over time.

We are based out of K51 and seek members of all ranks and experiences, though we seek for active members.

We will help those who are new to become true members of the legion, and those who are experienced can lead the legion to victory in both battle and in conquest.

We seek to become a legion of many players and many cities within the Empire.

We ask for only a few select things:

-Be Online Everyday for at least 2 hours

-Be able to be to create a good active defense for your own village

-Be able to contribute troops or resources to the Legion

-Be willing to learn or teach depending on skill level

Location does not matter much, but we seek for villages closer to K51