the little secret behind your ears...


I never said this was the shittiest world or anything of the like. I've contested that, though. In its prime it was a great world that I enjoyed quite a bit. I wouldn't still be around here if it wasn't. I wouldn't say it was the best, but I wouldn't say that about any world.

But I do think the world is shitty and boring now. Do you disagree?

These forums are for arguments. That's the whole 'politics' thing. Sorry if you see that as nagging. And no, everything but Hulk was not good enough for me here. There are other good players, but on a tribal basis I'd say Hulk overshadowed all the rest. At least in how a tribe is suppose to coordinate.


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I agree Airsofter, good point.. Sad to see you go junker..Goodluck :)


Take it easy dood, maybe we'll run into each on w50 or something :p


This makes me sad but I totally understand Junky. :icon_cry:

We sure did have some fun times the first year of this world. Between our war and the constant spamming on here, I'm sure I've accumulated hundreds of posts to my post count just by talking to you. I'll miss ya buddy :icon_sad:


decided to pop, appears this game has lingering effects, lol... but i almost always enjoyed talking with you mate... we had a rough start flaming each other as i got by PnP game going but as i settled i started enjoying your position more on these forums. i'm sure you will be missed mate....

enjoy RL i hadn't really seen it till a month or so ago when i left.... *** rich says: what the.... the sky is blue*** ;)

see ya around mate and good luck