The Meme Wars


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not really relevant to anything being said but its too much of a meme to not post




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oh you forgot the ending though where darren is kicked off account (he was playing solo) after he changed tribes. Add to meme!!
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*2-3 Weeks ago*
Sam: Can we have a NAP and a 72 Hour Cooldown after the end of a NAP.

Me: Sam 72 Hour Cooldown starts now.

*24Hours Later*
Sam: Lets have a large % of Cannae send Fake Waves onto Sleep because the few players that left sleep are being destroyed, and we dont have any support to send them...

*And my 2 cents*
And i don't even blame the other members of Cannae i doubt Sam even explained diplomacy agreements to them.

A Major reason i even choose Toxic over Cannae was Sams dirty move against Red Cup. And ive never even been an ally of theirs just a respect thing. Sam dude i hope this is your last world because by the end of the world your going to be alone.