The Rules, What Can I Post ?


I have written up a post that will hopefully help explain to you just what is acceptable and what isn't.

For the sake of me following my own rules I would like you to regard the word 'apple' as a swear word.


(1) Flaming !

Personal insults are not allowed anywhere in this forum or in any ‘other’ private format. Please make sure that all insults or “flames” are strictly game-related. Any Real Life (RL) related insults will be strictly punished.

To demonstrate what is illegal and what isn't I shall use examples. Everything illegal will be placed in bold.

"MP is by far a better player than you ShedsFTW. Not only does he have a much higher ODA than you, but he also has a life unlike you, you sad little geek. He's been dominating K45 for weeks now and he's showing you up you apple sucking mongoose! "

As you can see, the statement quickly degenerates into a personal insult. Not only did the author swear (remember... apples) but they also used a real life issue.

"Not only have I beaten you to no.1, defeated you in battle several times, backtimed you, sniped your pathetic trains and over taken you in the OD rankings i've also been appling your mum."

Pretty obvious...

And now for my grand finale. Thought the others were lame? Wait till you see what earned me an infraction :icon_cry:

"I have to say i'm impressed by this survey. I didn't think you was capable of creating something factual. You have out done yourself.


Now, I was infracted for "openly flaming someone on the forum for no reason." Although I will not infract for minor insults like this in a strongly debated thread I will infract do so if there is absolutely no call for the insult.

(2) I Be The Sheriff Of This Here Town !

Users are not allowed to impersonate moderators. Trying to act as one is forbidden and will lead to a warning.

Although I am yet to see this kind of behavior I believe it is worth noting that I will infract if you start impersonating me or my kins men. I am here to keep the forums clean and friendly.

There will be times though where I will not be online to catch the trouble makers. Therefore I ask that if ever an argument escalates out of proportion you simply ignore it and do not post in said thread until I have cleaned it up.

I will infract if a person starts throwing their weight around or if they intentionally make things worse within the thread.

(3) Please Don't Feed The Trolls !

Please do not feed the trolls and do not post in threads that are likely to be deleted. Posts like "In before lock" are forbidden.

Over the last week I have received several emails that all seem to follow the same format.

"Why have you infracted me and not [Insert Troll Name]?!?! He/She is obviously a troll and yet I don't see him/her banned!"

Err hello? The troll has as much right to post here as both you and me. Trolls get enjoyment out of causing arguments and flaming contests. If you want the trolls to vanish then add them to your ignore list.

By replying to a troll's post you are effectively 'Trolling' (couldn't think of the correct term :icon_confused:).

(4) Let's Be Friends !

Players are also forbidden to provoke the moderators against them in a deliberate way. Posts made for the purpose of creating a personal conflict between users and staff will be deleted and their author will be punished severely.

Just a quick one here. If I deem you an intelligent person (someone who actually knows the rules...) and you deliberately make a stupid thread or cause an argument with me, you will get infracted.

(5) Offtopic Posting !

Please post answers/comments that are relevant and relate/refer to the thread topic. If you cannot post a sensible answer it is better to avoid saying anything. This is particularly true for one-word-posts like "lol" or "rofl". Please also try to avoid double posting wherever possible, there is an edit button for a reason :p

To avoid repetition of arguments especially in long discussions you should always read the whole topic before posting.

Pretty self explanatory. I would rather you make a new topic and allow me to move to a few posts across than go completely off-topic. If you unintentionally go off topic then either delete your posts or apologize within the thread.

(6) Proper naming of topics !

Please choose appropriate titles when creating a topic. Please avoid incomplete or attention seeking names as they are deemed unfavourable. Generalistic titles such as "question", "help", "lol" should also be avoided.

Please reread the text before posting it to avoid mistakes. Your text might be read by hundreds of players so make sure it is understandable.

Be economical with quotations! Quote only the relevant parts so that posts
won't get unnecessarily long.

If you ever get a spelling mistake within the title then i shall change it for you. If the spelling mistake is intentional then notify me so.

(7) Grammar/spelling flames !

It is not allowed to rebuke another user concerning his grammar/spelling. If the grammar/spelling of a user is that bad, that the content gets lost, you can use the "report post" feature to report the post. Then an admin or mod will deal with it.

Easy to understand.

(8) Extreme content !

Anything deemed politically extreme, pornographic, illegal, or unsavory in any way is prohibited in this game whether posted or referenced. Racist or ethnic bashing comments are forbidden even if used in jest. The same goes for Sexist Jokes and other examples of sexism. Mentioning drugs is allowed, but comments that play down the use of illegal drugs or promote the use of said substances are strictly forbidden. Please note that starring out characters like "A*"PPLE does not make it any less a swear word. it is still perfectly understandable and still intentionally offensive, and thus is forbidden in all forms. This is Similarly the case for Acronyms such as GTFO or STFU. the meanings are known, and depending on the context are again infractable offences.

In reference to this terms such as tool will no longer be accepted. I will do my best to keep this thread updated with what world 18 slang is and isn't allowed.

(9) Some Things You May Want To Read !

Jurasu's Rhetoric Triangle

This shall be updated as time goes by and I remember more.

Thank You For Reading This.

World 18 Mod
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In addition to me changing the swear words, I am also going to add sexism onto the Extreme Content section.

Sexism can come in the forms of pictures, jokes etc. I will not stand for it. Although saying that if you have been brought up in a sexist society I may forgive you the first time.
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Would I get an infraction for quoting something that was deemed later an infraction (even tho I thought it might be an infraction) ??


Would I get an infraction for quoting something that was deemed later an infraction (even tho I thought it might be an infraction) ??

No, I would prefer it if you edited out any foul language but I will not infract for quoting an infraction worthy post.


I would just like to remind you all that I rely heavily on y'all reporting bad posts. It makes life so much easier and points out what i've overlooked


I have had enough of players being flamed because they no longer hold an account in game. Everybody has a right to post and therefore I expect you to treat members of our community whom no longer have an account with the same amount of respect as you would a member whom is still playing.

This now officially comes under personal flaming and therefore I will start infracting for it.



To all you haters out there:

It's not very often a member of our community stands up and creates something worthwhile for our forums.

So why do I see people needlessly flaming? I implore that you show some respect to the guys who actually want to make an improvement to our forums.

From here on in my philosophy is going to be this: “Unless you’re going to create better examples of maps etc I advice you sit down and stop complaining.” It’s quite simple really. I have had enough of the constant bickering and needless flaming and therefore I shall be infracting for unnecessary hate. You forced me to do this.

I would also like to take this time to remind you of the rules,

Please treat each other with respect and remain polite. Do not forget that there are people of different ages and with different gaming ‘know-how’. Therefore, please stay patient if questions arise that you may consider "stupid" or "childish".
You may use tactics to provoke your opponents in the `Politics and Propaganda’ forum as long as the tactics are game-based.'

Be grateful for what you get my friends. For if you keep dismissing those that try to make our forums better these forums will become empty and desolate.

There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism if it just that. Constructive.

World 18 Mod


So something like "Apoc basically consists of a North Korean-style elite and about 100 push accounts to serve them and which are getting banned at a rate of one a day" would be OK?


Although this prediction, not the common knowledge i am using, is pretty far out it may come true in 2010.

We all know the W18 mods are having there paypal accounts boosted by Zain, Zurtle, and other Apoc members to reduce bans on their tribe and increase them on MIM. We even saw a 10 village penalty for a multi million point player the other day! How unbelieveable.

Maybe we'll get new mods, and that'll mean the Apoc Multi-Accoutners & Cheats will get banned.

Then that huge western-barb-field-to-be will just be being begged to be nobled!

I wont put up with useless drivel like this being posted on these forums. In my books this comes under Mod-Bashing.

If you have a problem with the way a mod deals with something in game you go and speak to their senior (in our case oiceboxvay).

If you have a problem with the way a senior deals with something you go and speak to one of the Admins.

However as Servy deals with tickets for our world as well, I think your going to have a problem claiming the mods are unjust. I am yet to see Servy make an unfair decision.

If you have a problem with my punishments or general behavior then you go speak to Madmarauder.

If I see anything like the above post again I will infract for it. Talking about Bans and Mod bashing have no place here.

If you feel that the mods are corrupt then leave. Nobody is forcing you to play now are they?
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Just so y'all know, I now wont be infracting for the word 'shit' unless it's used in an abusive way such as 'Jimmy's mum eats shit.
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I'm Christian and we don't stand for shit in this household!


Good for you. Now it appears that I was slightly wrong on the whole 'Ban thing'.

So heres how things stand for Bans at the moment;

(4:48:17 PM) Truscott6: Is it ok for a player to state that a player has been banned as long as they don't go into the details of the ban?
(4:50:40 PM) Jirki88: not really
(4:50:47 PM) Jirki88: but you dont need to punish for it; just delete the post

So this is acceptable "I see both Apoc, [BA] and MIM have had several players banned recently".

However both of these aren't acceptable, "Jimmy got banned the other day" and "Jimmy and Carl were both multi-accounting and both were banned this morning".

I would like everybody to read this as well,
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Post anything that will get you in trouble with tru, because tru is bored and wants to use his shiny new banhammer.


Seems some of the other mods simply delete posts that contain bad content and only edit and then repost it if the original poster asks the mod in a pm. Would y'all prefer me to do that rather than just edit it where it could look like i'm deleting random content?


I think if you just edit the original post and leave a friendly message in the reason box everyone will be happy to see that you are doing your job without being overzealous