The Slap Game


Okay, same rules as counting games (no double posting or skipping #'s, etc), except we count to 10. Whoever posts #10 gets to pick another person and slap them. Only rule for this is, the person who posted #9 cannot be slapped. After 10, it starts over again at 1. Get it? Got it? Good.

Slaps For:
Red: 3
dopey: 2
Rep: 1
Hawk.Eye: 1?
Fraser: 1
Arcanine: 1

Slaps Against:
Bama: 4
Rep: 2
dopey: 1
Hawk.Eye: 1

Also, I am not going to update this regularly as I don't have the time, but if someone would like to keep an accurate tally of who is slapping and who is getting slapped please do. You can send me a private message on here and I will update it when I am next on.

I'll start:

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5, I'll be like Sarah and quit before people start slapping me :icon_razz: