The story of 'The Greatest War Ever"


I have heard World 2 had the greatest family tribes and the greatest wars. I need some advice and I also want to hear how the greatest war started and finished.

Question: How can you make a family tribe successful?

Please tell me the story!


Well first start with a world of noobs, and mass recruit them all, then have every other tribes mass recruit everyone. Then fight it out and learn how to play as you go along. Now that you have a ton of members all over the place and plenty of inactives nestled every where too you can start your great war. But great wars don't end they just lead to another war that is basically the same. So nothing ever changes, and the war never ends.

Lessons learned on w2 that shaped future worlds.

1. Recruiting active players next to you is better.
2. Making sure the player knows how to play before you send them an invite is better.
3. Having more then one tribe is useless if you do not plan your recruitment, or if you do not know how to communicate between branches.
4. w2 wasn't great from the start it became great through many many many many hours being put into this game.


Thank you. Can anyone tell me how to start off a tribe and make it number 1 without mass recruiting?