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Discussion in 'World 43' started by harbinger297, Jun 2, 2010.

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    So i thought it might be interesting to have a history of world 43 to look through, Please let me know about any inaccuracies, or if there is something that needs adding.

    The beginning:

    In the beginning there was, as usual, the craziness that a new world brings. Both players and tribes came and went, but we soon had a few tribes that looked either impressive, or like pins being set up at the end of a lane.

    *Top 20 from 11.11.2009*



    As time continued, tribes began to establish themselves and skill not members soon began to play a part.

    *top 20 from 03.12.2009*


    Out of the confusion of early world stages, a few tribes began to emerge who would later reveal themselves as some world 43's main tribes (either through territory, war, or the forums), such as NUTS, Silent, Vr, Hazard, and Dogs. After the early noble stages, certain tribes began to pull ahead, and work on securing their K's. After the initial inter-continent wars, the core began to look like this:


    after the tribes had secured their respective K's, soon eyes began to turn towards out war K's. Then we came to the first wars of 43.

    The first major war, the FRST/KKnD war.


    The war started when KKnD were at war with the tribe BAD in K55. During this war, several members of BAD left to join FRST. KKnD then declared on FRST, citing that FRST had recruited their "refugee's".*

    FRST "won" the war with KKnD, however did not take out all the members as KKnD merged with ICARUS and KKnD members nobled out of K55. An un-official cease-fire was brought about.







    in no particular order(victors):

    FRST vs. KKnD (FRST)
    Insane Vs. Crisis (No Victor)
    ICARUS, BORED! Vs. Eos, TDP, irelax, WFF (ICARUS/BORED!)
    NUTS Vs. T~O~W (NUTS)
    FRST Vs. CoD (FRST)
    NwN Vs. HI (NwN)
    FRST, Dogs Vs. Crisis/Insane (FRST/Dogs)
    AAA Vs. BD (AAA)
    BORED! Vs. KND(Name changed to XPRED) (BORED!)
    LighT. Vs. W.K (LighT.)
    Donkey Vs. Britain (Donkey)
    BORED! Vs. MOAR ! (MOAR !)

    in no particular order (tribe merged into):

    Donkey/Snow/OwP (Sheep/SnOwP/Nomad)
    APOC/L.o.L (APOC) --> (WMD)
    XPRED/LighT. (LighT.) (XPRED leaves, mergers with Gore)
    MOAR !/*LW* (MOAR !)
    AAA/wolves (AAA)

    me/your mom (me)

    The first World War.


    The first world war of 43, was:


    It was put in motion long before the declaration was made. It began when KKnD, CoD, and ICARUS merged. FRST was still seeking to take out the original KKnD members, who had moved over to ICARUS. FRST was looking prime to declare against ICARUS, when BORED! revealed themselves as ICARUS's allies, and FRST were halted, making the decision not to declare, however tension and some sparing attacks were sent on the eastern border.

    While all this was happening in the east, the tribes Donkey, Snow, and OwP merged, creating a large tribe that controlled almost the entire northwest, that tribe being Sheep (also went by the name of Nomad, and SnOwP).

    ICARUS began to have internal problems, and shortly after BORED! stopped FRST from declaring, ICARUS merged into BORED!, with a few of ICARUS's top players going to FRST. After this, BORED! created an alliance with Nomad, effectively creating a semi-circle front against FRST.

    BORED! however still had several enemies in the north, such as MOAR ! and XPRED, which were on going wars that BORED! still had, having declared on MOAR ! months before hand, and then XPRED shortly before their war with FRST.

    FRST then allied with LighT., who were a small tribe of 7 members who had left NwN, when NwN and NUTS merged, and decided to pre-emptive BORED!, Nomad, and NUBS, who were the family tribe that BORED! created to house the lower members from the ICARUS merge.

    BORED! took the lead in the first few hours of the war, however FRST and LighT. pulled back quickly, gaining by the end a several hundred village conquer lead. It was during this that LighT. earned their reputation as "the little nuke", as despite their size they managed an impressive amount of conquers against a tribe larger than them by several millions.





    the war ended after a mere few weeks, with the disbanding of BORED! and Nomad. The members split between various tribes, some going to the newly formed Nuts!, who were attempting to bring back the well respected NUTS of old, and some went into WMD. With the addition of several large BORED members, WMD became the only tribe whose size was in the league of FRST, and in fact were slightly larger.

    *will update, it's a work in progress, please be patient, and please comment with any changes, updates, inaccuracies, etc.*
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  3. <3

    I love the way Frst jumps in size in every map :icon_cool:
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    Nice one

    Some maps from now which are allready outdated XD, some info a little off but a good post.
  5. harbinger297

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    the maps are from the past? :icon_razz: It's kind of hard to have in-date things from the past :icon_eek:

    could you please tell me which info is off so i can correct it?
  6. Really? Outdated maps on a history of w43 :icon_rolleyes:

    They are supposed to be old :lol:
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    I think its pretty much on the money as i remember it... interesting post :)

    *darthv1 makes a decision to stop trolling w43 boards and go back to his new home in w49*
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    I remember the BORED! imperialism before :icon_cry:

    Nice post again harb <3
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    Small addendum : I think it should be noted that BORED! vs MOAR ! was a 1 on 1 war declared early on and we fought them for months before anyone else jumped in. We fought them during thier apex. :D
  11. Bored v Moar is the most suprising war, I have to admit I expected you guys to be rimmed 3 months ago :icon_eek:

    But respect for outlasting them, when most tribes would have folded long before :)
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    Well it seems all WMD have done since the world began is be part of a merge. I would use a little happy face emotion from the list at the right of the screen about now but I cannot seem to find the one that fits..

    So instead here's a song -

    Love that song and it sums it all up.. good post though harb as usual
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    I'm kind of confused as to how that sums up WMD. I was thinking more along the lines of this.
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    lol I was tipsy last night so no idea what my message was with that song now, but I do remember it made perfect sense at the time.

    Maybe I will work it out later and let you know
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    hmm srry said it wrong. The last map shows the map nearly a month or so after the "world war", in my eyes this is an inaccuracy XD So what I said is actually pretty much right. This map is from like a week ago.

    Some info which is off about the WW is some tribes really didnt participate or have another war not of real importance for the WW.

    But again a real good post :icon_wink:
  16. I sense a lack of AoO.

    On a more serious note, very good thread.
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    darn Harb, you've got a TON of free time on your hands! lol but really, I like it that you put your time into doing constructive things like this. Real nice post, and straight on with the facts.
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    I also seem to be missing the *Slingo is one of the best and brightest TW players of all time...forever. He will sit in his infinite Awesomeness, contemplating how he got so Ninja Crunk-core*
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    haha, keep on waiting for that Sling!
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    oh great job LighT. ;) im proud i was like part of the tribe