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Welcome to the new think tank forum!

This area is a space for us (the players) to give detailed, constructive and hopefully productive feedback to the game developers via the CMs. The aim of this forum is to improve and enhance on the discussion/feedback threads that are posted occasionally for new events/worlds/whatever so that the developers get more meaningful responses than "its shit" or "i dont like it" so that they can actually work on improving some of the issues with the game. The scope of this is potentially pretty large. While its unlikely that (for example) the PP system will be overhauled or anything fundamentally drastic like that will happen there is quite a lot of potential for real changes to be made to the game to make it more accessible, more enjoyable, more balanced etc for the average player. If we as a community can tell the developers what we want our game to be like there and what direction we would like to go in there is fair odds that it will be considered and maybe implemented provided we can be persuasive and give good arguments. Things like player retention & experience, event exploitation, world sizes, server merges etc are all things i will be looking to have discussion about with you all for the future

To avoid any unnecessary clutter of the discussion threads themselves or anywhere else i have prepared a handy dandy Q&A guide. Feel free to post your questions here or pm me directly and i will do my best to answer

Q: How is this different to the ideas and improvements forum?
A: That is mainly geared towards small and easy to implement changes to improve player quality of life to a small degree. This is to discuss TW meta and how that can be improved

Q: Why cant i post in a thread?
A: To try and have somewhat of a more productive forum and to cut out some of the fluff that discussion threads usually get there are the following restrictions on posters. You must meet one of the following conditions:
  1. Have 100 posts
  2. Have 50 likes
  3. Be registered for 2 months

Whats the point of this? Avoid pointless spam, or uninformed opinions and cut down on potential brigading of issues. These may will be amended or changed in the future if its proven to be unnecessary. If you dont meet the criteria but still want to contribute feel free to slide into my DMs with what you want posted and if its not garbage i will do so on your behalf with credit noted to contributor

Q: Why did my post get deleted?
A: Im implementing a higher standard of acceptable content here compared to the rest of the forums. Here is what might be considered acceptable:

"I dont like feature x because it places a high and unfair burden of time on me to utilise"
Here is what is not acceptable:

"I dont like feature x because only losers spend all day doing it"
I hope that should make it obvious what im looking for here, criticism is fine and welcomed and basically what i want but only if its constructive

Q: What sort of topics will be discussed?
A: A varied mix, some will be mine, some will be from the CMs jawjaw/jirki. Some will come straight from the developers who want specific feedback on certain things and some i want you guys to come up with.

Here are some examples of mine so you know what we're aiming for:

* How to overhaul casual worlds and improve new player experience
* Considering event exploitation and they could be made more accessible for all players
* Balancing of units/various items (looking at you flag booster)
* How to expand world sizes to a larger degree without making them take years and years again

Q: How will the threads be structured?
A: They will be open for a month for people to discuss the topic then after that they will be closed and people will be unable to contribute to it. The topic might be re-opened at some point in time, depends on the topic itself. The reason for this is to provide as much feedback as possible to the game devs on as many different topics as possible. The more we give them to do the more chance of things being done! A month should be more than enough time for people to have their say and respond to what other people have to say. Threads will be left available to view for future reading

Q: You're awesome
A: No you're awesome

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Would love to know about the suggestion thread, as I can alone can personally give way more beneficial ideas then the recent ones from Inno. Even though the new survey idea seems like a nice way to make people feel like they matter without actually publicizing the results of any surveys.