This world...

Von Hallander

You just minted 20580 coins WOOOT WOOT

- Existing noblemen 127
You can still educate: 140

Now... let´s ROCK´N ROLL BABY :)


freeman marsh

hahahaaha this has to be the funniest saddest this I have ever seen in TW admin history! I will take the person name out because I don't think pointing out one person in this JOKE of a process what is world 47!

freeman marsh
2011-09-26 02:16:15
ponidassa this player seems to be under player protection as of the time this was submitted, can you please explain how this is so? the world has been closed to new entry's for some time now

2011-09-26 07:31:37
Hello freeman marsh,

If the player had started over or restarted after being nobled out, then he would be under beginner protection again for the first few days of restarting.


freeman marsh
2011-09-26 13:10:05
World 47 is in the end game, there are no restarts. and no new entry. How can you not know this?

2011-09-26 14:44:33
My apologies, I should have noticed that. I'll take a look into it.


freeman marsh
2011-09-26 22:15:51
this players village should be deleted, How many more villages have started since the end game phaze?