time to bow out..


my time has come to say goodbye to tribal wars and my one and only world this one w30,yes this was my first world i reckon i havent done to bad im satisfied with my ingame stats.

firstly want to thank badlapje,canine-,parmenion,gicusan for teaching me the art of the jedi in this game :) the past and gone ph0b0s for his odd emperor talk,jpholman for his great declerations and good chats out of game (last one was me drunk btw), fox.. for been a fox haha and all the original erevos players when we kicked ass just before that brick wall..

thanks to loen for making my expansion in their k fun,hard work and good banter no silly hate mail etc and out of respect i gifted all of those villages back, needed a challenge at the time and 1 v tribe was a good test

current thanks to all BH BH. mellow and kiane for the girly chats i needed :) bel,wildcats for their good advice and drunken antics, and the guys who sat my account when my net was down when i was at work or needed sleep during THE's onslaught,

special thanks to raven your awesome indeed made me think smart kudos :) pajuno for introducing me to ladder theory haha and those 3 am chats when i was a bit drunk and mick :)

why hang in the towel? folk who matter know, serously messy divorce that isnt over yet, not seeing my kids,getting arrested nearly losing my job and £155k of debt to deal with yes 155k but...

got over that currently going through 2 promotions,seeing my kids and meeting women/woman haha so i have sold my ps3 my xbox and quit gaming completly as i need to rebuild my life and tribal wars has been a welcome distraction!! need my spare time to relax have fun and turn life around a bit more.

apologies to anyone i have offended over time usually drunk and angry so turned a bit internet gangster at times but thats my downfall so accecpt or decline doesnt really matter anymore.

i take pride in leaving with no incoming account in good shape,a nice noble count and a full house of troops, quit while the going is good

tally ho!


50 Calibre

It has been real and hope real life turns around for you. Good Luck


TsJ for President !! :lol:

Godspeed TsJ :icon_wink:

robot out


I am glad that your life is taking a turn for the better. I give my best wishes to you and yours.


I was sad to hear you would be leaving us TSJ but at the same time am really happy things are turning around for you in RL.
Don't be a stranger... I'm always around for more drunken chats on skype. :lol:

Best of luck,


Good Luck an God speed TsJ was good fighting you in BD it was fun.


jpholman for his great declerations and good chats out of game (last one was me drunk btw),
You spelled it wrong. And you needed Pajuno to introduce you to the Ladder Theory?(Endpost)

j/k. I'm glad to hear things have turned around for you in life, and I appreciate the surprising mention! To be honest, if you'd just come to me and said, "hey man, I was smashed the other night," things would have turned out very, very different, I think. Or, at least, there would have been a lot less tension.

Nevertheless, I'm glad you're this far out of the woods. A debt like the one you had is a disaster, and to have taken care of it so quickly is seriously impressive. If I may offer you one suggestion; TW is a time-sink, and I think that's a good as well as a bad thing, but consider not leaving all of gaming behind? I'm sure there are still times to come when a quick round of something-or-another will blow of the steam that's building up in a healthy way.

Otherwise, good luck in the real world!


thanks guys and good luck with the writing jess
Hey man, even though we never really spoke much and when we didn't it wasn't exactly friendly, I wish you and your family the best, and I hope the hardest of your times are behing you. Good luck in all your future endeavors man, and feel free to come back and troll these forums from time to time.


You've certainly proven yourself on this world, Sheer. While I am sorry to hear that things got so rough with RL (I had some issues myself that pulled me away off and on throughout this world), it's good to see things on the upswing. Good luck down the road good sir. It's been great knowing you here.