To Chuckiie and his Merry Men


wait, no way! you mean if I send an attack at you, and it's 10 hours away... logically, if you send an attack at me, it should take 10 hours? not 60-70? that's odd... :icon_biggrin:

edit: oh wait a sec I found a flaw in that philosophy, what if it's a hill? then one way is quicker than the other. man, how'd you guys get to be at the top of a hill?! is that fair to -|-?
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no I very clearly stated it was a botched merge that never worked out; you guys feel we never respected you; thats your opinion. -|- feels none of you put in the effort, and remained fully loyal to the SPCTR leadership (thus never truly merging); you refused to listen to us even when it was something simple like trying to show you how to play the game...

And the only way to 'play the game' is they way your tribe does it? Come on. Any good leader knows that they have to build trust first. SPCTR/RVNT was at war with your tribe then suddenly there was a merger. Some of us were leary of our new leadership. Chuckiie understood this and was acting as a buffer so the trust could happen. Doeus saw this from the start of -A- and I think he and Scotty the Great would have factored that in to their leadership of the academy. The trust would have come in the end, but your leader wanted to rush things and thus the botched merger.

Given your leaderships style I can understand why everyone here is wondering why your taking so long. Why your complaining that the distance for your core to the front is so disadvantageous to you and why your loosing rim villages (something only a noob would buy). What your defense troops are too vital to risk sending them there? or those villages are just too low in point to defend? OK so sending fakes from such a distance isn't possible, but sending nukes to hit in rapid succession? That was a specialty of mine.

Knight of the Thunder

I said it. Robin Hood and is merry man won, according to the tale :icon_razz:


The King coming back and OMGWTFBBQpwning the sheriff.


you REALLY just will go to any lengths to try to draw RAW and their players into this argument (and, obviously, this engagement)
last i checked RAW and -|- were still allies, no matter what people like to say about our relationship and this and that;

allies huh?


Doesn't matter. I can finally take of these green tights. Chuckiie wouldn't let me earlier:p