To Clear Things Up!

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we wont hate you just stay clear of anyone named integritous or from that Wisdom family :icon_confused: they're all bad news... (be careful they'll say your biased if you say anything :icon_rolleyes:

Ok, just to clear things up. (Yes I saw the whole complaints Thread)

Everything you say about Moderators being biased is completely stupid. Moderators cannot Moderate in Worlds they play.
Yes, Moderators are friends (Some actually may not 100% like another), and we do speak. However, details of Tickets (To those who aren't concerned) are not disclosed to other Moderators.

Breach of Rules from Moderators are dealt with, by stripping their Team status, and appropriate Bans.

Look at how many people play World 16 on the Moderation Team. Go look at their Forums. There isn't a single person who accuses them of "bending the rules" for certain people.

I am the new Elder here, and have no connection with any of you. Therefore, anything I say or do is irrelivant of how I feel. If you gain an Infraction, it's because you deserved it.

What you guys don't seem to realise is, when you submit a Ticket, you can ask that a different Moderator deals with it.

So please, stop this silly talk! :icon_evil:

This post is to hopefully clear things up for you all, so you can stop creating nonsense Threads in the Main Forum. I am locking this, as it's not a discussion, it's me telling you how things are.

EDIT: If you have any questions about this Post, feel free to Private Mail me. I will be more than happy to discuss this. I do actually see how it can look like a Moderator is pulling strings, but I can 100% assure you, Jirki88 and Morthy would NOT! allow anything like this!
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