To right the wrongs done to us


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Jeje, whateves..tribe jumpers stunk in 2006 and they still stink in 2016....only looking out for themselves, and when the going gets tough, they get going ..

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Didn't see many complaints when council Hardnutz left for Tea.

fight BiWhy we did this, i think its obvious. 2Hard has some good players, like it or not. We could most liklyP till the end of the world while Tea ate our backs, which would have been great for Tea im sure. We decided that Tea should pay. If we get betrayed in the end, it's w/e solong Tea doesn't win. Our win was out of question any way we were going to do it.

If the members left didn't realize that, well i'm sorry. We wern't going to win anything alone, and quite frank - If our members had helped out more, we wouldn't have been in such a position. (There are some that has helped alot and won't get a spot) Just how it goes.

Tea flames us now, we flamed tea when they did the same thing over and over. Nothing more then fair i guess, but in all honesty - The charade doesn't have to continue anymore. We know where everyone stand now.
so here are some thoughts from neutral point of viewpoint. :cool:

the amount of bs in here is astonishing, sir... you lost every chance of winning due to your own actions, and "winning alone part" is even more funny since you had some relatioships with TEA, but after everything seen here i'd say you were counting on joining BiP in the end because of your own location and interests so this whole charade of yours is really funny.

now, for this part right here; "If the members left didn't realize that, well i'm sorry.", i'm really speechless. actually i have few words for it, but don't think i'm allowed to use them. i just hope you had enough courtesy to send circ to your members and saying "i'm sorry" thing before disbanding.

so if externals are here to get some fun, some advices and building rep, after carefully tracking all this flaming from both sides, i can just say that your every single appearence on it, is disgrace for TW and what it stands for. and i was looking at it fairly neutral, right until now. there are some backstabbing throughout all the game, spy stuff etc., but leaving your own tribe as high council and representative to enemy and declaring war on "There are some that has helped alot and won't get a spot" ex tribesmates is time when some line should be drawn. do yourself and everyone a favour and stay out of tribal duties for ever again.

as for hardnutz, fairly it was your mistake also. 2 days before he joined TEA, we rim noobs, on skype were laughing how he will ditch 2hard very soon, and part where you claim he had comm shares just makes you look even more funny. not that it isn't possible, but because it shouldn't be possible and if you had any leading skills you were suppoused to be aware of that. ditching front lines like that, cause it would be a waste was also a great move :confused: and all you can do is respect goldleaf crew for taking it so calm...

so as i've said, i'm not either side, i don't have all the info, but if externals are here for some fight as well, seven devils, you failed it miserably...


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So we had an allianse with 2hard since 16 october, with the only purpose of their main crew joining our tribe.
Well, it now seems that BiP have ended up getting everything they wanted: Their north-eastern quadrant has been kept free of any serious competition so they could end up merging the top 2HARD members into their tribe. Their 'alliance' with Defy has been easily ignored as they recruited or attempted to recruit a number of top members without so much as a by-your-leave.

Given how patently stupid 2HARD's recruitment of ex-WET members and provocation of TEA was, I can't help but wonder whether this wasn't part of the plan all along - albeit probably in the hopes that the alliance would last at least a little longer and slow down TEA's growth in that region. Of course BiP were still at war with 2HARD back in December, weren't they? But then we all recall the 'war' between them and Infamy, I'm sure.

Probably this is just a paranoid conspiracy theory :p But it's worth noting that of the 163 villages BiP have taken from 2HARD since December 23rd, only three have been from the members who later joined them - two against Deadmax and only one against King Ragnar (with virtually no ODD gained on that account since before Christmas, despite having villages more vulnerable to BiP than anyone else in his whole tribe). Admittedly The Big Cheese has been hit pretty hard, with almost 4 million ODD gained recently; but then he was not one of the folk included in the original October merge plans.

Maybe 2HARD really have been as strategically short-sighted as they've seemed. Maybe there's some hidden reason why King Ragnar has been scarcely touched by BiP. Maybe it's just coincidence that BiP have now achieved everything that they wanted, that they explicitly said was the plan from the beginning.

But with the way virtually every major tribe seems to play TW these days, nothing would really surprise me any more.
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Seems funny to me, tribes don't seem to last very long these days. When i joined, there we around 14-15 top tribes you could say, now there is 3. I only joined in 20th November. so about 50 days, we have had soo many merges and collapses of tribes it's crazy. Be surprised if anyone can get the achievement of staying in one tribe for 30 days lol.

Goodbye 2HARD, and lets start the north vs south war.