To The End, RABID vs. The World


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RABID vs The World

First on the list is:

However they are not alone as we have decided to declare on the
So that will include warnings to the likes of
and of course TBH so
we are only here for one reason
Yes you might say were
rubbing it in a bit but.....

We are in shape
and ready to end this world. (as quickly as we can) This is a nuts of a game and we have all the magic of the all powerful
on our side....

Prepare thy self world 85 because the
are on the way....

Enjoy and Cheers,

"Troops were meant to die that's why we build them"
-The Nuts Crew

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100% Victory on W85 by RABID ofc.....
May not be the best tribe I have ever been a part of but its one for the record books for sure.....

heres to rabid,


Still Going Strong
LRO got 100% on w81 with 30 days left in the countdown so Morthy ended it early. Beat that noobs :p