Hey guys, sorry i wasn't there for the end and i can't express how gutted i was my account deleted. Been a bumpy year for me and i am so glad that there are some great people in UNDER who were able to take on the role of leadership.
The hurdles we had to overcome regardless of flaming. The perserverance and determination proved greater than the will of some elite players. I am proud to have played with you all and regret none of the time i played with any of you. I would happily do it all over again although i know most of you wouldn't hahaha

Everyone keep in touch, my skype is lltbonesteak or email is

For those of you who are interested we azre going to be organising a meet somewhere in the UK probably in August to celebrate our victory. Anyone who isn't or wasn't a member of UNDER is still welcome. We are all a big TW family.

Also interested in starting new worlds. Hit me up

Lots of love

Lee - T bone steak


thanks mate it was very good time with you and UNDER and maybe we meet again some other world :) many thanks to those players who played in world 44 and gived us fun and intresting years of this game:)


Ohh really? England, god damn wankers. I can't make it :( Someone pay for my ticket :p


Id love to make it ladies and gents but I cant, going to collage :(

And as for you lee, I need to keep in touch with you!:D