Top 10 Player Analysis


Haven't had one of these for a while, anyone fancy analyzing the top 10 players in this world? Or maybe a review on tribes? Predictions? Would be very interested :)



Current top 10 (A biased mans perspective).

1.Farmercy; continues to be the thorn in Turtle/Cruels side, probably one of the best account managers I have seen on any world if not only his own account but taking on more than likely several account sits at any given time and defending.

2. Zoubo; Growth has been great in the last couple of months the gents on that account really have been making a good run of it, cant wait to join enter the fray with them down south!

3. Texfull; The steadfast defender of Mayhem, hard to gain any ground on on Tex their stacks are true stacks.

4. Dr.Koala; My second world with this account, always comes out of the shadows from the rim to take over the world!! making fast gains in a relative short time span.

5. Noobs on Ice; Impressive defenders the current duo on the account have made their way back up towards the top rankings despite their hectic lives and us lackeys constantly harassing them on a daily basis!!

6. Julius-Caesar; Cant say I know this account all that well except he hates being over taken by Noobs, dont worry buddy I'll try and over take you too ;)

7. Neilw4; again another Cruel member I dont really know so I cant comment on personally.

8. ChipOnShoulder; The man, the chip the shoulder, the legend ... all aside I cant comment on this wonderful gentleman.

9. NightWitch1; Resilient, determined and knows how to play the game, Looking forward to getting on a front with her as I know from past worlds experience she will fight tooth and nail to the end.

10. cjslayer16; Biggest noob I know well Josh is at least, high praise for the gents and especially Josh for keeping the account ticking along at the rate he has.

I'm not the best person for to do a player analysis but hopefully by posting it will ignite some long overdue buzz in the w72 forums, other than the norm.