Top 10 tribes analysis thread

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1. juice - world contenders. With their allies CRT and 7 sister tribe they hold 9 out of the first 10 rankings. Tribe stacked with like 300 accounts (will be 500 probably by the time I publish thread). EZ win, haters gonna hate.

8. +KN+ or also known as +KNIGHTS OF CAMELOT+ duked by Sir King Arthur.


That's all. Good luck to everyone playing! :)

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Well it has been roughly 3 weeks. This world is most defiantly lacking in terms of star players/accounts. With most people being locked up in W125. So this should make for an interesting world really, with no real dominate tribe that will do on to win the world easy.


My own tribe, no comment really. But looking to control K54 and K55. Started wars with CRT and Blood

This has been the by-product of Juicy. And a recent intake of players from War?.
The are the dominant tribe in K45. Have a fair few decent members. And most seem to have stopped PP farming now, which was the orginal agenda for many of their members. Might be time to take them a bit more seriously.
Still have some random clusters around the world.

Saint family
Previously SINA family. Seem to have had a reshuffle, partly based on location, partly based on players. Not sure if there was a change in leadership. But i would expect there to be a lot of internals, as there is soo many of them.

Some of the players have decent stats, mainly in the farming and scavenging departments. So looking good. Have a decent control over their K. Got Blood to the south and THC to the north. Should probably be looking to secure the border before GO! get there, but may have to clear out the current tribes in the K.

Not in the best of positions. Sandwiched between Hand and Saint. So they will have to work on their diplomacy, or start turtling up.
Got a few players that are in the top 100 farming/scav stats. So some active accounts that may have potential.

I think it will come down to Hand, Saint and Go! in the coming weeks. Saint will require a lot of organising with the amount of members that they have. So yeah very interesting world. And developing quickly.