Top 10 Tribes


I heard two of the top 5 tribes are allies.
Wonder who are they


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Incredible and Cancer in one sentence shows alot regarding his skill :)


Not sure why 1 player is a topic in top tribes, but I've been gone a while maybe things changed. Bee..



A few changes since the op, still anyone's game though.

Top 3 has shuffled around with PTV! replacing Death for #1. 1 good op would change that again though, KicK had the top spot a couple of days ago. The top 3 have also shifted some players out since the original rankings (notably Death have gone from 31 accounts to 23). The top 3 (and to a extent UI) could recruit players for points or territory if they wish, something that isn't open to the rest of the top 10 without booting players or account mergers.

Watch has joined the top 10, while CN have dropped out - as have Gang (replaced by their brother tribe Blood)


K54 is a curious little continent.

404, UI and Watch! all have a select few accounts with real skill and (imo more importantly) really good game heads. They also however seem doomed to cling on to 15-20 really deadend accounts who fail to make any real progress.

I understand thats always similar in early-game, but at the same time, the diplomacy between the 3 top tribes is really going to stagnate any growth for anyone... UI especially are soon going to run out of room to grow into given that 404 and Watch! have control of the mid-rim ground.

Personally I can see PTV! and -L- steamrolling the K with relative ease, mopping up what skill was in the K into their own tribes and feasting on the remaining accounts. Just interested to see who is going to act first.


and the drama begins again with bee coming back :D HI barzy. I see your living Beeyond all your means. Oh damn im sorry for that pun. Bee..


This UI is the tribe with the best players

Im not sure what you base this on?
But hey, as long as we go under the radar again im cool with it :)

105 is the first merge world for .se and .no. I see a lot of strong players coming from there. Now im not saying we are the best but we were grossly underestimated on w100 and that was a rather small premade. Maybe less than 10% of the "good" players from .se.

PTV is what I have my eyes on along with KicK ofc. B@d@$$ is a really strong underdog however and they will surprise you :p


The tribes to look for are -L- , echo , Death . Don't know anything about KICK and PTV! are just bunch of noobs who are just lucky.