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going from my last +- thread. not don mikel's

2 XVI -
3 PnP -
4 Unkwn -
5 [BC] -
6 ~*S*~ +1
7 RIS -1
8 -X- -
9 NL -
10 Gunz +1
11 HoT +2
12 Ni +3
13 Klan +3
14 SP -
15 JOKER -3
16 Dead +1
17 ELM +3
18 EG +1
19 xvi-f *NEW*
20 PLX *NEW*

views people!


joker's warring with klan. thus joker losing badly. i reckon they ahve inactivity issues to be falling that abdly. because tha's -4 with loaded...


Only a top 5 rank is worth bragging about in this world.
I'd be careful with bragging at this point unless the tribe was in the top 2 places. Anything can happen. Tribes can be knocked down or disband due to internal disputes. W36 is volatile at this point in time and there will be plenty paradigm shifts in the next while.

The top 5 tribes are filled with capable players, many of them with good leadership qualities and opinions. These might clash, and often do if forums are to go by. *look at DICE*

Such changes shape the world and effect every tribe and player in it. Directly and indirectly. Cause and effect.

Before I waffle on and on like Plato lol, I'll finnish of by saying that I predict a few serious changes in w36 in the future, we just need to watch out for the signs.
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