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How big an influence do the top 20 players have on the world today...quite different from the original post

Top 20 Players


Top 20 Players Map


TOP 20 Players Review (Apologies I don't know everyone but tried to leave a comment at least :icon_rolleyes:)

1. Backwards (Pnp) - Whats there to be said about backie thats not already been said before, how internally we look forward to backie end of month review and league tables to see who's been out performing the rest in the tribe. Great leader, nice bloke but recently accused me of being a spam h0r so meh! nom nom nom nom Mr Backie sir

2. Proferentem (PnP) - Quietly goes about his business in the tribe and closest to pipping backie for no.1 spot right now, come on Prof don't let backie be top plz I beg of you

3. busamad (PnP) - "Legend" sums this guy up about right, nice guy and never afraid to answer stupid questions and has so much experience, but don't let his soft exterior fool you as he will eat you for breakfast! Would like to see busa push for no.1 to give backie a run for his money

4. Alexwong (PnP) - Oh Alex, this guy is unrelenting in his attacks and has been a pleasure to partner in ops in PnP, nice guy and quick to help when needed

5. hellfot (PnP) - This guys posts are hilarious on the forums, if you look at his player file you will see how fast he has grown which is a credit to the guy!

6. jkidd338 (Panda!) - From what I gather a very active guy, can't say I know him. In fact will drop him a PM after this post to say hi ^_^ Seems to have got caught up on having to munch on barbs and TA(Practically barbs) but then again haven't we all with big accounts going barb recently so no shame there

7. alexis73 (~IMP~) - Oh Alexis....She huffs and she puffs but she still hasn't blown the house down. Seems a nice person when she's not getting her nails done or staying up way way too late. Keeps trying to rally those IMP guys but should realise soon that no matter how much hot air comes out you can't teach an old dog new tricks

8. MrsB (PnP) - Also known as "barb" no reference to barb munching I might add, such a character and is sort of like the principle at school if you misbehave...nice person always willing to help and always on the lookout for Iron if anyone has some spare send her way please

9. stec2008 (PnP) - Love this guy, love this guy, love this guy! Always helping out with sits and support and learning that he knows how to snipe quite well aswell. But if he beats me in ODA for much longer im going to have to start writing horrible things about him

10. chad03 (PnP) - Not someone I can say i've spoken to all that much, likes to noble ~VOID~ & .:TA:. and keeps himself to himself. He does the job what more can you ask :)

11. adrianroc (PnP) - What a fantastic addition to PnP this guy was, real nice reports. This guy is always willing to help out others and is a pleasure to fight alongside him

12. vipermax (Panda!) - Currently stuck having to eat up the mass of barbs left from fallen comrades but im sure will be back to munching on some sweet tasting IMP food again soon

13. jackhappy (Panda!) - Another player caught up in eating barbs, there's nothing shameful about barb munching these days as it has to be done to recapture front lines and unlike his IMP counterparts is not eating barbs below 100 points :p

14. Valsar (PnP) - New addition to the PnP family and seems to have a sense of humour when it comes to ops against him anyway :p Has done really well to get to the position he is in great to have another PnP'er in the top 20 here

15. XmigX (PnP) - Spams forwarded reports like no one you've ever seen! Not complaining though as they are always good hits on opposing tribes. Great activity and always willing to help out

16. Lordtrall (PnP) - Noob, enough said really..took the account on quite a long time ago and have grown it bit by bit. Looking to carry on up the ODA charts and push my way into the top 10 rankings...if I can.

17. dar74 (~IMP~) - Never spoken to this account before so going off stats alone a very impressive account, Conquers: 1036 (+1035-1) There's no doubting anyones skill when they can boast figures like he a turtle?

18. bedisowy (~IMP~) -Highest average points per village of the entire top 20 and with 247 less villages than dar74 and can only be described as a point h0r but if it gets you top 20 then why now! Been feeding off barb and internals so far this year.

19. The Lord Apri (PnP) - Great ODA and loves attacking people, very much a team player and loves to take vills, perfect fit for PnP

20. clybouw (Panda!) - Been told not to add you by Mef as it will go to your head, seems a nice guy..opinionated but nice guy as with the rest of the Pandarites. Pushed many PnP guys out to get to the top 20 so congrats!

Right well thats just my opinion of things, thought i'd add something new for people to read especially as we have old timers still checking in :p
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After the TESB V ARG!/Puff debacle ended, all real competition on this world died.
That map takes me back.
That was the end of the golden age of W21.