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Discussion in 'World 61' started by Mania., Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Royalist

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    Me? I dont care about East at all... you personally are pretty annoying though with your constant fanboyism of Riot in every thread.

    As for any hypothetical alliance.. we had one with womble to I think East might be on their level.
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  2. I commented on east being more tested than others as one of your players said we never

    your players bragged about being so good

    I showed they asked for help

    Its riot who brought riot into it not me.

    we are level with womble, meaning we have great players as riot hired from them if i remember.
  3. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Actually you started attacking them in the thread Riotpolice made, wouldn't surprise me if that guy was you. Riot also recruited 1 member of womble i think.

    You are the one that brags about east get off your high horse. Just because you beat 2 top 20 tribes a month ago means shit all. Early ranking means nothing.
  4. Royalist

    Royalist Guest

    Yea sure thing we agree on something. Womble and East is on the same level. :lol:
  5. its not me id do far worse than that and thats a fact.

    2 members i think.

    I brag about east?

    you started bragging about riot ofcourse im going to say east is better.

    the early rankings sets a tone of the world, tribes dont change tactics unless the leaders change. A good start leads to a good game it does make a difference.
  6. we dont agree east 20 times better than womble.
  7. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Wait wut? make up your mind...

    2 members wow and you made it sound like they took in 20 members :icon_rolleyes:
    Yes you brag about east.
    Well you are mad that people who arent in Riot "Brag" about them so you need to boast about your own tribe good one!!

    "the early rankings sets a tone of the world, tribes dont change tactics unless the leaders change. A good start leads to a good game it does make a difference."

    and you honestly believe the top 20 tribes you defeated a month a go had good tactics etc? Please everyone knows you nobled out noobs no need to brag about it
  8. You personally bragged with wai yu sou ting about him being better than a rank 11 tribe alone, with other riot members attacking i might add.

    You brag about riot i brag about east and you start the shit about how riot are better than east not me starting it so dont tell me its me.

    the first comment when i said we are level with womble means to him not what i though

    I simply said if we are so bad and if a single riot player so good go fight erupt on your own and dont ask for east aid again.
  9. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Why are you making false accusations this was my one and only Comment in Wai yu shao tings Thread.

    I am not in Riot.. So i dont know why you keep saying stuff like i am... and yea i have every right to say Riot is better then east since its my opinion and i bet 90% of people that are neither in Riot nor East would agree with me.
  10. you bragged in that thread and riot brought that to this thread, my mistake it wasnt you but riot players brought it.

    players think riot are the best so what thats not what this is about and no way reflects what i have said about east, though i do think east is the better tribe, i said whos more tested whos had the bigger wars the harder wars and said east are more tested than riot and thats all.

    Thats a fact which people cant deny bar a few and the only fact i have argued.
  11. :icon_neutral:I never said I was better then Versa? and no-one else has attacked of yet from riot! apart from an isolated noble by Cl.oud?
  12. Alyxar

    Alyxar Still Going Strong

    Mar 8, 2011
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    now why u hating on me? i was trying to revive this thread.
    why would i care about other players? i know some of the top 20 personally, the rest are just internal whores. match up to my od then growth then come tell me to rate you.

    excuses? everyone have their own style of rating? i could just rate..

    Internal whore, internal whore, good player. if thats what u want the rating to be so be it. oh wait. do i even know you?
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  13. Alyxar

    Alyxar Still Going Strong

    Mar 8, 2011
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    lol. this made my view on riot! changed. external ego buster. which was what i used to be. SF you need to tell your boys to cool down.

    this is Top 20 players. not east vs riot. yet
  14. It was your tribemate who tried to turn it into a East vs Riot! thread.

    Although it seems like he tries to do that with every thread lately.
  15. pythagaros
  16. i said east is tested and your tribe brought riot into it not me

    thats riot bringing riot into it not east
  17. Er..I think it's quite clear from conquers that Pythagros is attacking Gun not versa.
  18. Alyxar

    Alyxar Still Going Strong

    Mar 8, 2011
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    you guys should take a chill pill, east better or riot better? no one really cares. I'm the best. <3
  19. I'm not a boy, and I actually took it upon myself to delete my post - since it only feeds flaming further. I don't need anyone to tell me when I step across a line.

    External ego buster? Not sure what that means - although I will say that the only reason you have no external ego is because no one was willing to feed it for you.

    You certainly had a go on one. :)
  20. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Why would SF tell me to cool down when i clearly stated i am not in Riot?

    You still are a "ego buster" And this comment proves it

    Like seriously??? You are hiding behind your tribe being ~75% offensive. wooooow its so hard to send nukes at nubs that dont stack nor dodge making you gain some good oda. Want a medal?

    You were trying to revive this thread how exactly? By wanting someone to Rate you? :lol: attention whore.

    Actually Most people have the same style of Rating just different opinion... apart from Players like you, who just want to see their name be mentioned in the thread and get rated to boost their EGO. how ironic that you talk about egos :icon_rolleyes:

    You show the same arrogance as you did in w56 if i remember correctly? And what happened to you in the end? you simply got annihilated by Kudder and his mob.
    and do you need to know me? NO, so just get off your high horse.