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ZOMBIE would disband in fear and the whole world would gift you their secrets.

Lol they got sent our duke sit and disbanded Impact our tribe before it became zombie so that won't work even if they disband our tribe we came back to still win the war another idiot kicked all our members deleted all our threads and gave them all our op's and we still came back and where winning.

Really there is nothing they can do but loose.


PM it to me, it sounds funny.

Going back on topic (kind of) can I ask if there is a place where you can download those tables of the top 20 players? Or do you just get it from TW stats/world rankings and painstakingly link it all and put it in a table?


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You are quick to assume things... i dont know anything about w61 yet i was one of the guys that told you what you should be doing, instead you did your own little thing which got you kicked.
When someone doesn't perform especially when being asked to countless times, nothing else can be done apart from nobling a player.

Thats what happened to you, if you call that backstabbing, you dont know what backstabbing means :|
As i said Before -
sir you're a noob ...u dont know anything about w61....u just came here and Post Nothing but nonsense.... :D

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As i said Before -
sir you're a noob ...u dont know anything about w61....u just came here and Post Nothing but nonsense.... :D
Say what you want, try to make people believe you... But what Rimmy and I are saying is the truth.


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Noobs r matter...FIVE ZERO STILL A ZERO...check my account...and tell me ur best account...then lets see....who is noob...


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RankNameTribePointsVillagesAverage points per village
5stoic rudenessScary55.744115068
9Kudo 07Onfire48.72695414
11Without RegretsFRIDAY47.642104764
12Evil OperationOnfire45.477104548
17sakit gigiDX43.03485379
18Jaffa CakesWhere?42.20194689
20.Endless Night.Where?41.69385212

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Nice to see someone with decent ODA in rank 1, well done


every1, he is giving away his bbys :)

I lyk the idea of helping your tribemates b4 you quit :)


I wish I was in his tribe :p

It's what most people do. Although you always get some idiots who just suicide their troops randomly, sometimes on tribemates.


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Its a while to update it -

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1 Pain.Carbon Where? 301.390 38 7931
2 Where? 261.795 32 8181
3 Kudo 07 Onfire 212.380 32 6637
4 galskrika Ex 183.222 23 7966
5 deintx Rage 177.049 21 8431
6 Mezonis Where? 172.891 24 7204
7 fundamental Where? 154.223 22 7010
8 Helliquin Where? 147.210 20 7361
9 Without Regrets Rawr! 145.321 21 6920
10 stoic rudeness Ex 143.381 16 8961
11 ZeroPerfection Ex 138.440 19 7286
12 mousekeeter ZEF 127.504 16 7969
13 Evil Operation Onfire 126.255 21 6012
14 Sayurii Onfire 124.751 22 5671
15 Gazyu MRV 122.701 16 7669
16 FeArNhEaD Care? 120.725 18 6707
17 Castlemaker Empire 118.947 20 5947
18 NuclearWeapon ZEF 118.081 18 6560
19 PulTin Rawr! 117.795 21 5609
20 WishYouWereHere Ex 117.219 15 7815

Vincent Valentine.

the list will always change:) but congratz to everyone within the top 20 atm...