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What are we discussing? a little more detail wouldn't hurt.


Talking about this, who's legit, who's a point whore, who nobles barbs, who nobles players, who will last and who won't. Etc.

[SPOIL]Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1 nMe. Care? 575.877 76 7577
2 illuminaz bAd 562.091 74 7596
3 Care? 522.961 69 7579
4 Soi6 Care? 517.540 66 7842
5 Talin TT 441.659 48 9201
6 Cryptic Codex DSy4 436.913 59 7405
7 Killer willard DSy4 422.319 58 7281
8 LowBudget Care? 394.147 54 7299
9 Clueless. Care? 338.457 43 7871
10 AnarchyPrevails DSy4 323.794 40 8095
11 Trickster- bAd 322.858 41 7875
12 LORD 0F WAR Care? 312.922 39 8024
13 Cryptography DSy4 300.883 34 8850
14 Gogg bAd 299.458 37 8093
15 Nabur Care? 286.585 35 8188
16 Casanova J ACE 266.668 29 9195
17 Do Not Disturb DSy4 264.395 33 8012
18 Greg The Bear Care? 262.987 36 7305
19 seven devils DSy4 259.092 42 6169
20 Frostgat PWND! 256.982 42 6119[/SPOIL]


Anyone in the top 20 at this stage is most likely doing something right.. highly doubt they are barb noblers or point whores.


Anyone in the top 20 at this stage is most likely doing something right.. highly doubt they are barb noblers or point whores.

Most likely yes, but I seem to remember a few worlds where internallers/barb munchers find themselves in the top 20 ..


We talk down about all of this, and I agree there are negative aspects to internalling + barb munching... But let's look at the positives.


1. A sign of account merges + coplay.
2. If a player quits, you give the vils to the closest player, or the most qualified/best players in your tribe. That means your best player (who you assume can handle more and has more micro skill) has more villages and potentially more troops to work with for the benefit of your tribe.

Barb Munching:

1. It's a church world, barb nobling is a must for tight clusters. Players should be nobled first, but eventually barbs will have to be nobled. They always get nobled.
2. If a player quits and has 4k-9k barbs lying around, why not noble it? ODA whoring is fun, but zero morale clearing on a barb ex-player is a nice advantage.
3. At the end of the world, players quit by the dozen, leaving hundreds of 9k barb vils lying around. Obvious advantages here.

We mark these ennoblement traits as newbish, but I've seen some barb noblers (who are generally turtles) outplay some of the offensive hotshots. They also become necessary mid and end game where there are more barbs than there are players. Bonus barbs are pretty cool too. :)

I personally don't endorse barb nobling/internalling, but they're necessary evils based on inactivity that occurs regularly on the world. It's not a knock on skill (it sometimes can be), it's just a common occurrence of this game.


Rank 1: nMe.- Seems like a decent account, an experienced set of players on it. Their location seems a bit risky with DSy4 lurking nearby, so not quite sure how long they will survive.

Rank 2: illuminaz- Playing on the account, so won't say anything. :)

Rank 3. Soi6- Don't know to much about the account. Know it's in a good farming area, POTD/LOTD quite often. Wonder how they will do in a major war.

Rank 4. Very experienced player(s), high ODA, ODD, OD. Seem to have participated alot in their war against AO. Would like to see the account make it far. :)

Rank 5. Talin- Nearby major-account player. Great farmers and some war-hungry soldiers on the account. Would hate to go up against them.

I don't feel like doing the rest. Too much typing :)


Rank 6. Cryptic Codex - These guys owns, inb4 they are first to 1 mil


Since you forgot the most important part ThatCDNGuy i went ahead and added 1 to the list for you, np :)



If someone does a detailed top 20 rating, all of the top 20, I shall do a very in depth one for you all on the entire top 20.

I haven't bothered to go in depth in any rating things because to put it simply, this world has lack luster posts. You start, I'll continue.



Rank 6. Cryptic Codex - These guys owns, inb4 they are first to 1 mil


Since you forgot the most important part ThatCDNGuy i went ahead and added 1 to the list for you, np :)


Thanks bro. How could I have forgotten rank 6? :)


1. nMe.- The number one player and has held that spot for the majority of the time. Seems strong statistically with some nice awards and good OD. nMe has caught some slack from people here for internals, but i don't think anyone who has been on the other side would question how good the players on the account are. They are very skilled players and can time like nobody's business. Located on the corner of K55,56, and 46 with a good spread geographically with villages on the boarders with Apathy (who they have taken a few off already) and DSY4, which should make for an interesting location.

2. illuminaz- Well i'll start by saying i think the COA is pretty cool. illuminaz has been up near the top of the world for the last 4 weeks or so and is now right in the mix for the top spot. I don't know much about this player personally, but to be in this spot something is being done right. Illiminaz is rank 5 in OD (rank 3 as attacker), so there is some significant OD. Based in the northwest corner of K44, illuminaz seems to be pretty well inside of the bAd cluster, with the exception being a presence of some villages along the line of the SE boarder with ACE i believe.

3. Soi6- a.k.a old macdonald. and let me tell you, he has some farms. e-i-e-i-o. Soi has clearly been the farming master of W70, with 30 looter awards. Was ranked quite low for a while relative to how many resources were being hauled, but has recently been growingly rapidly and is now right up in contention for the top. He has top 10 ODA (rank 8), which is pretty nice. He's located on the southern part of the Infect cluster, closest to 21s and Beaver zones.

4. Killer willard- Seems like a solid group of players. They've been pretty consistent thus far and seem to keep inching their way up the rankings. With nice ODA (rank 5) thus far they seem to not be afraid to toss the troops around. They have the top spot in K45 and that gives them an interesting location relative to their tribe, as they compose a large part of the boarder with ACE and with Infect, which should make for an exciting future. Nice Bane COA to bring in some intimidation factor.

5. Cryptic Codex - Had some serious growth this month. Cryptic Codex wasn't in the top 15 a month ago, then made a huge jump into the top 5-6 range about 3 weeks ago and has settled into the 4-5th ranked spot. Impressive statistically with lots of player conquers and rank 6 ODA. Has the SE part of K35 on lockdown with a presence on the K45 boarder with ACE. According to the village names it seems that everyone who's messed with Cryptic Codex thus far has rested in peace... without their villages.

6. Talin- Spread across the bottom half of K43 (mostly on the eastern side), Talin helps comprise a large part of the northern part of TT's cluster. This means proximity to bAd and piggie. Has some nice looter awards and a silver demolisher award. So he must have a habit of catting down some buildings. Talin doesn't have a remarkably high ODA at rank 34, but it's still early in the world. An interesting thing to note is that he has made a move out deep to the rim in K41... perhaps trying to get another distant cluster going. Seems to be going with the viking theme.

7. LowBudget- Has a spread along the southeast part of K55, with the most relevant tribe to him geographically seeming to be Apathy. Was rank 1 for a bit earlier in the world which shows that the skill is there, but has been slowing down on the growth in the last month or so. However, that's only speaking relatively as he still has rank 7. LowBudget has a decent amount of OD at rank 14, with a pretty even amount of ODA and ODD. Fear the LiriC!

8. dutchwarrior- Dutchwarrior has come flying into the top 10 out of seemingly nowhere in the last two weeks. This isn't horribly surprising though as their farming awards were showing them to be under-ranked for a long time. Dutchwarrior is like a piece of tribal wars art. If you could imagine the mix of an angry mother bear and a graceful ballerina you'd be close to seeing dutchwarrior. Dutchwarrior is at rank 26 ODA with a significant portion of it coming in the last week. Being located in K56 makes them an important part of Infect's boarder with Apathy, so they should be seeing some interesting times as that war is just getting going.

9. Trickster-- Seems to be a 3-man team, comprising the great magician of bAd. Located in in the middle of K33-34-44-43 with a pretty good spread. Currently around rank 30 in ODA which seems to be a decent number. Geographically, Trickster seems to be pretty well within the bAd cluster. They have a few villages within decent distance of the TT family and also some room to expand towards the rim. They have shown good growth recently from around rank 20 to the top 10 in the last 3 weeks or so.

10. LORD 0F WAR- We are located in the S-SE part of K56 with a few vills in N K56 and in SW K46. We have a pretty good spread and make up a large part of Infect's northern boarder, with proximity to DSY4 and ACE. Rank has been rather consistent for a while, with some slower growth recently. ODA is rather low with a rank around 90 and conquers aren't remarkable. So statistically speaking nothing very impressive yet, but I'm hoping stats will get better in the future ;)

11. Cryptic Dumb and Dumber- Cryptic Dumb and Dumber has come into the top 15 out of nowhere in the last week. Statistically speaking the account is not too impressive thus far with ODA rank around 450 and nothing praiseworthy in terms of conquers, but as i said earlier, it's still early in the world. Cryptic D+D is located in the western part of K35, with the most relevant tribe geographically seeming to be bAd.

12. Greg The Bear- Located in NE K64, Greg the Bear is on the southwest part of the Infect cluster, closest to the tribes 21s and PWND! Statistically speaking the account seems to be doing pretty well, with impressive conquers especially early on and an ODA rank of 14 (so about even with points rank). Greg the Bear has been fairly consistent in rank, dipping down a bit in the last month, but rising up a bit again in the last week. Seems to have some good room for growth down there in the south. Don't anger the bear, or you'll get the claws.

13. Frostgat- Frostgat is located in the NW corner of K64, with a few villas in K63. He is on the northwest part of his tribe, PWND!'s cluster and is within pretty close range of the TT family. At this point he seems to be pretty statistically decent, with an ODA rank around 35. An interesting thing about Frostgat is his spread. He seems to be pretty clustered, which can have its advantages and disadvantages. He made a big jump up in the ranks about 2 weeks ago.

14. Had very impressive statistics with rank 1 ODA and some high ODD as well without many losses. was a total beast in the Care vs AO war, proving to be the real deal. As other have pointed out the account seems to be on it's way out, but i've no doubt that as long as it's players are around they will be putting in work wherever they play.

15. Do Not Disturb- Seems to be a pretty solid account thus far statistically speaking. Quite impressive conquer statistics with a fairly robust ODA at rank 20. DND is located in the SW part of K35 and a bit in K34, with an interesting cluster a little ways down in K45. He is on the western part of DSY4. I think that the location is pretty interesting, with geographical relevance to bAd and ACE. Seems to have been pretty consistent in rank thus far with a bit of a rise recently.

16. derek1608- Seems to be pretty well within the bAd cluster, but toward the west side within pretty close range of some ACE villages. Derek has risen a pretty decent amount in the ranks in the last 2 weeks or so and has gained a significant amount of OD in that time. Derek has quite a lot of OD (10th overall) at rank 13 as attacker and rank 17 as defender. Seems to have had an exciting last week or two.

17. rphockey101- rphockey101 is based in the Northwest part of K65, on the southern part of Infect, with the most relevent tribe seeming to be Beaver. RP has been strong thus far statistically with an impressive conquers page and a high ODA at rank 9. They have seen a huge jump in the rankings within the last 4 weeks and seem to be a solid account.

18. seven devils - Located in the eastern part of the DSY4 cluster, seven devils seems to have the most room for expansion towards the rim. Looks good so far statistically with lots of player conquers and an ODA rank of 19. Has shown pretty steady growth and increase in rank within the last month. Seems to be rollin pretty steadily so far...

19. Gogg- An account that seems very strong thus far in terms of statistics. Conquers are impressive and they are sitting in the rank 6 OD spot, with rank 11 as attacker and 8 as defender, which i am assuming is due in large part to being right in the fray of the ACE vs bAd war. They have risen in rank for the last 3 weeks, except for this last week where they have dropped a bit. In terms of location Gogg is in the northern part of ACE, with a decent cluster in the east on the frontlines with ACE.

20. Don Funk- Don Funk has shown a very rapid, but steady rise in rank over the last month. Very impressive conquers thus far as they seem to be exclusively players. Surprisingly for all the player conquers, ODA isn't remarkable with an ODA rank of around 110. Don Funk's location is interesting.... located in the SW part of K33, completely seperated from the rest of the bAd cluster. Expansion shouldn't be a problem for Don Funk as he seems to have space all around.


Note: This was typed two days ago.

Well I said I would do an in depth rating of every top 20 player if someone else did a quality rating. Now is the time to hold my word. LOW (Lord 0f War) I must say, that was a quality post and I also have to thank you for making a worthwhile post on these forums. Not exactly something common.

I'll rate all the top 20 players from the top tribes in order based on player rank and tribe rank. Tribe rank for grouping, player rank for order inside that ranking. The following map will be the base that I am using for the maps in this post. (Families not included.) Orange will be used for each top 20 player.

Base Map
KEY/LEGEND: Light Green - Infect, Dark Blue - DSy4, Hot Pink - bAd, Brown - ACE, Light Blue - TT, Plush Pink - PTT, Purple - PWND!


[SPOIL]My mother told me if I can't say something nice, to not say anything at all. Now I don't always listen to my mother but unfortunately for me, my dukes have a dungeon. I don't like the dungeon.

This segment may get edited in at a later time.

[SPOIL]4) Killer Willard

These guys... THESE GUYS!!!! Yeah they're noobs. Had to internal to pass us. :icon_cry:

Alright on a more serious note, great neighbors to have. Communicate well and think of their neighbor's when planning expansion. That is a great skill to have in a Church world. When looking at your conquers, I have to say I was more shocked at the statistics than I should have been. I knew you'd have a high freebie rate due to your recent merge but I did not expect it to be this high. 43 freebies out of 92 villages equates to 46.7%. You turned over a new leaf once you joined DSy4 eating 0 internals until your merge where previously you had a decent amount. I think with time this percentile will go back down significantly. Bad things happen when you merge in a 170k account.

When it comes to location.... Well can you say late night fun time? :icon_redface: DSy4 to your back, Infect to your south, Ace to your west. So much food, never enough nobles. I envy your location.. Good thing I'm your largest neighbor. :icon_wink:

5) Cryptic Codex

This is my account. I share it with 3 other players as you've probably guess from the signature. It's mainly two of us however. One of the co's who wasn't on the account at the start of the world asked me a question regarding our original village name after reading LOW's post so I'll explain here also. Our first village is named 0001 RIP Lynchville due to us previously having an awesome farm named Lynchville that got removed by TW staff since it was a recruited player that didn't grow. We didn't recruit the player, but that's what happens to recruited players after the early world abuse; they don't barb. Anyways, I still miss that farm. :icon_sad:

Anyways, enough blabber. Statistic time. 16 of our 88 villages have been internals or barbs. That comes out to a 18.2% percentile marking. We're 8th in ODA and if you ask me that is no where near high enough. Only 2 Attacker of the day wards and today got our first looter. Need more attacker awards.

Positionally we're starting to get surrounded by DSy4. Small door to noble through to get into k45 if we don't want to jump. We also have the ground work set up to noble rim bound if we so choose. We look clustered, but we do have options, just can't sit for too long or those options will depart.

11) Cryptic Dumb and Dumber

Guys.... I know the situation regarding your internals... However if you nubs don't make damn good use of those villages I will noble you myself, not even going to lie. 39 of your 54 villages have been freebies. That merits a 72.2% percentile marking. It also explains your bad ODA score.

Position wise, you're getting villages on the north end of the tribe as we speak allowing you to go rim bound while also sharing a narrow front with bAd for when the two tribes eventually collide. If you grow swiftly, you could very easily become someone to watch. As of now though... You iz surrounded.

15) Do Not Disturb

Playing with both of these players previously before this world, I can tell you that their largest threat is themselves and their lives. If boredom/laziness doesn't kill them, tread lightly. With 10 freebies out of 46 you hit a 21.7% percentile. Only 21st in ODA? Slackers.

Position wise, you're out of food. You have the option of jumping north or waiting for war. A large portion of the front with bAd means should you not die from boredom, you'll have fun eventually.

18) Seven Devils

Aside from the KW account, you are the only top 20 players in the tribe who did not join the world with us. 0 internals and 4 barbs equates to a great pick up in my eyes.

When it comes to location, you're on the back end of the tribe. Plenty of room to go rim bound and grow like wild, but also lack of the named wars should they happen without a hop. It's a win lose situation depending on personal preference.

[SPOIL]6) Talin

Not going to lie, I expected more freebies. Dunno why, just did. 31 out of 62 lands you a solid 50% percentile mark. You're also positionally sound. Strong border with bAd and a backline hand to go towards the rim preventing you from getting locked in. Could turn into a very fun spot to be.

[SPOIL]2) Illuminaz

Was hoping this was different but what better way to keep up right? 56 of your 98 villages were freebies. That equates to a 57.1% percentile mark. At least you're 5th in ODA.

You're near ACE and you have villages not far from a hole in k33 that you could expand into if you so chose so you have options but your location is not ideal at all.

9) Trickster-

If the rumors are to be believed, one of the players on this account has won multiple worlds inside the top 10. with 25 of 54 villages being freebies you hit a 46.3% percentile of freebies.

As for your position, I'm not a fan. Sure you've got options but this is a church world and you're spread. Great spread for a normal world, not a church world.

16) Derek1608

You know... You did great in the internal department, only 8 of them but then I looked at your barb caps. 26 of 46 freebies gets you a 56.5% percentile marking. Too. Many. Barbs.

To make matters worse, your position sucks. Completely locked in by bAd with only a few ACE villages nearby. You've got DSy4 not too far away so at least you have that going for you.

19) Gogg

I've gotta say... Not a fan of the forum persona. 20 of 43 villages appearing to be freebies doesn't help the matter. That's a 46.5% percentile mark.

You're positioning however is nice. You own your segment of k34 and have plenty of room to grow backward into.

20) Don Funk

Another player that if it's who I think it is should be someone to watch. 0 barbs and assuming you just screwed over ModWar, 0 internals. Very nice. Officially the only one in the top 20 who can claim that.

Locationally you seem disconnected from bAd and just kinda doing your thing. You're not in danger should something happen to bAd and so you can just use the name for safety if you wanted while nobling whatever suits your fancy.

[SPOIL]13) Frostgat

With a 36.4% percentile mark, most would suspect internals. This isn't the case however. Your 20 freebies are primarily made up of barbs. While not a fan of nobling barbs, in a church world it can be worthwhile in the long run. Still farm from ideal though.

Position wise you're primed to have fun with TT and from looking at your noble history it looks like you already are. Should be interesting to watch.

And well folks, the concludes my rating. These are the views of myself personally. Not my tribe, and not even my co-player's views. Just mine.



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This must be a first for this world,2 intelligent posts one after another,well done guys


I'm sure I'm not the only one, but curious as to what you have to say about Infect.


Will need the duke to sign off on what I have written before I can post it so... If you really want to see it go spam Cryptography in game! :lol:

He's so going to kill me.



Very nice, must have taken a lot of time and effort to put these analyses together. I definitely could not fathom taking on a project like that, so thank you for doing so!

At least we have a benchmark for mid October to compare against another analysis in a month or so!


A late thanks to Cryptic Codex for the review. Good stuff with the maps to visualize where everyone is. I also wish he would have included the Infect players regardless of his low opinions :icon_cry:, but with the relative silence of the forums thus far i suppose beggars can't be choosers. 'Twas a good read! :)

I also find the freebie percentage quite interesting. I suppose my thoughts are a bit divided on the matter of its importance. I fully agree that we have no better way to judge a player, especially one we don't know personally, than by looking at their actions, which are in effect the stats (conquers and OD). I think the conquers stats are important because it shows the amount of work the player has actually done in advancing the ultimate cause of their tribe, which is to consume all villages that don't belong to them. (something internals and barbs do not do as they are merely shifting villages the tribe already owns or taking something that doesn't remove another player). Therefore i believe these conquer stats are insightful as they help to shine light upon a player's contribution to the matter of real importance in this game, which is of course the tribe.

However, i think there is in some respects a bit of credence to particular lines of thought of those who would defend internals and or barb nobling. No one can deny that there are situations when these things become necessary, even for the good of the tribe - or at least internals, perhaps barbs can be a bit more difficult to justify. And also looking at it from a perspective of predicting an individual's future in this world (which is relevant to this particular thread), it seems logical to think that as long as the player knows what they're doing, how they went about gaining their villages doesn't seem to affect their strength (though it may affect their image), so long as they have them now and know how to use them. So, i guess my opinion is that the freebie stat can be quite useful in indicating a player's value, but is not as reliable in determining or predicting a player's ability to survive and thrive in the future.


Finally, something worth taking the time to read :)

I'll agree with you there, Lord. + If the player has quit anyways, it's better the tribe get the villages, rather than have randoms or enemies take control of them.
I look forward to more "Top 20 Player" lists in a couple weeks or so. :)