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Rank 25 Colour Surprisingly enough, here isn't too much of those small elite tribes around in W82. However, from the look of it, Colour saves the day with their 12 members north of EV in K45. Being only 12 is a great deal of fun and, assuming they work well together, is enough to gain a small dominance in their area but there is still no way they can clearly claim any major part of land just yet. We will have to see how they develop and how the world develops around them since not only EV but .Next from K35 is sandwiching them into northern K45.

seems ages ago we were 12 members rimming EV (40+ members). There was a great pnp written for this that the world will never get to witness :icon_cry:

Michael Corleone.

Should still post it imo. These forums can always appreciate good PnP even if it is not relevant to the world anymore.


seems ages ago we were 12 members rimming EV (40+ members). There was a great pnp written for this that the world will never get to witness :icon_cry:

I love good PnP so please post anyway Sluggy.


1) Colour - Best group in terms of quality players
2) CGI Fam - Family Tribe as they say. However still full of very exceptional players
3) BT - A War Machine with insane thickness waiting to move out
4) Cream - Led by Trex, can still do well
5) FFF - led by Shorty, still doing very well and are lategame threats as well
6) BR- seems like an active bunch who have locked down the rim
7) WAR! - I believe there may be problems but I have faith in some of their members still doing well.


5 Monthly review.

Back in Oct 2015 I did my top twenty analysis, some 5 months later I thought id review to see how the world progressed and where those top 20 tribes are now. Black is what i originally wrote, Blue is my update.

My Top 20.

1. Jager - Have done well from the start of this world, nice spread from their K55 home continent and some decent players; Gorth Kirgar looter of the day numerous times to pick just one. 3 Players in both the top 10 ODA & ODD, this is the most of any tribes. Rank 1 overall tribe in OD. An easy choice for rank 1. – Jager seemed unbeatable at one point during W82, yet things can change in this world, a number of factors may have seen them slide from their rank 1 slot. Surrounding tribes such as DA~CGI Family/se7en were a major influence defeating them in conflict taking some major scalps such as: Cruel King Adam and Gorth Kirgar who were all skilled players. Indecisive Nubzz took a backwards step from leadership prior to this. Towards the end many players left the sinking Jager ship to find a new life in other tribes.

2. Se7en - To survive in the core is really impressive, other tribes have fallen away yet they survive with rival tribes in every direction, this must take good leadership/players. Overall tribe rank 2 OD. – I believe they were disbanded by a rouge player? Maybe Stealthy? No longer around because of this. Many of the players are now in BT were in Se7en (wireman, ikbr, unmendable etc) holding that core solid, Se7en lives on through BT in some respect. BT currently dominate the core circle of K54 & K55

3. Colour - 16 members, 2 in the top 10 points, eddiecesc will probably get rank 1 very soon and i believe has the potential to stay there for a while. Their position in k45 will only get stronger as they still have easy targets to eat up. In my opinion the elitist tribe on the game. – Colour were elite then, they are still elite now, eddiecesc still near the top, colours core 16 members back in Oct. 15 have been added to with some great players like Slpher, Ckong, Valmer and now sits at 21 members. Their position from K45 dominance now also includes dominance in K35/K36 and their spread stretches from K25 up to K57 occupying the North East part of the map.

4. Rehab - a smaller mirror image of Jager, rehab dominate k54. An impressive start and are lasting the test of time. Nerdizer rank 1 ODA player, the tribe as a whole have rank 3 OD. – Rehab looked strong at the time of writing however less than 2 months later were completely gone. Rehab had some very skilled players (some still playing; weareanonymous (current rank 1), Silence N Violence, Dogol, overvoltage to name a few), however when the skilled players left For CGI/TDA/Jager the weaker Rehab passengers were left with nowhere to hide and were picked off quickly.

5. CGI~DA & DA~CGI - Combined these two tribes have 92 members/501 villages (at time of writing) and with such size they can flex some might. k43/44 they enjoy dominance and can expand from. 3 Players in the top 10 points, Stormsiren & trbk13 have also enjoyed long periods of time at rank 1. – Under the great leadership of Stormsiren and other skilled players the CGI~DA family have gone from strength to strength. The already powerful TDA merged into the CGI Family and propelled the tribe into 1[SUP]st[/SUP] & 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] overall rankings where they have remained. This tribe currently holds the biggest spread and are the dominant tribe in K’s: 43, 44, 52, 53, 63, 64, 65, 74 & 75. CGI appear to have broken through the defence of LickMe spreading it’s empire into K66.

6. ~FFF~ - I rate these guys higher than others might because of their location,the rim of k36/46 are free for them to eat up the easy targets allowing them to grow. - ~FFF~ relatively new in Oct 15 managed to cement their strength and lasted the previous 5 months, skilled players like –Attila-, Shorty928x & Fortezzo have ensured this. Times maybe uncertain in the future as the powerhouse that is colour largely surround ~FFF~ in most directions, possibly limiting future growth.

7. -V- - In a tough location but have earned rank 6 in the overall tribal OD, they are more battle hardened than many other tribes on this world.- -V- players melted away, some merged into Aten or KIAN. Nunners is one of the few ex-V- players still of notable size.

8. F! - They dominate K53 and have broken into the top 10 in the rankings, thecrettin racing away in that K. – They had dominance in K53 and decent players, many members since left into the CGI family (kuyokot, dont hit me & ViolentlyPeaceful to name a few). The player thecrettin may have been deleted as I can find no information on him? Those that remained in F! were eaten by CGI/TDA.

9. .Next - a rim tribe that dominate a continent, .Next are enjoying k35, OD rank 13. – Couldn’t find much on these guys, K35 is now largely Colour so my detective skills are suspecting they were eaten and changed their name at some point and were then eaten?

10. Llama - again a rim tribe, however they dont have their pick of the outside rim as the tribe War! block their way. – Many players left to join War! (Eytnyvz, Minecraft Mania, -Mechanic-) or CGI family (Jurgen von Kloch). Colour may have nobled the remaining Llamas.

11. KIAN - A nice big 190 villages, however are tightly spaced and may struggle to expand outwards. – 190 villages Munched by colour…

12. Addict - A selective tribe with only 14 members, nice spread they could do well if their lack of numbers doesn't hold them back. – This tribe looked good back in the day as a similar tribe to colour having a small number skilled players, many of their members that still play reside in LickMe (Neon Hitch & Trex who have both since been top 10 ranked players). However since the conflict between CGI & LickMe their prolonged survival on this world is uncertain.

13. WAR! - outside of Llama at the rim of K33/34, 158 villages at the time of writing. – Have grown well to dominate their area owning K33/34/24. Old Man of TW has steadied the ship against the growing damage on their boarder with Colour. However key player Lord BritishBoy has recently left, too early to tell if there are long term implications of this. From 158 vils in oct 15 they reached a max of 1,675 on the 8[SUP]th[/SUP] March 16 and could exceed this again soon.

14. SUBV - Tough location in the core, being allied with Se7en should help their longevity in such a hard place. – Similar to Se7en, those that remain are in BT

15. SCAR - Two players top 10 OD, Genghis Domz attacker of the day once and defender 3 times. Not hugging which earns them rank 15 in my top 20. – Got messed up by CGI family and Bale. BilboKing is one of the few notable players still remaining.

16. EV - Taken a bit of a beating causing them to drop in the ranks, however they are in a tough location. OD overall rank 5. The best is unfortunately in the past for this tribe, however in their history they have been rank 2 in the overall rankings which is something many tribes will never see. – Kept sliding down, became food for ~FFF~, Colour players etc

17. ~TLC~ - They need to keep growing but aren't too bad. Donjeff appears to have been battling hard gaining and losing many villages even if ODA/ODD remain relatively low. Sandwiched between Jager and Addict maybe tough for expanding. – Jager and addict did indeed munch through some ~TLC~ villages. No notable ~TLC~ players remain.

18. Bale - 108 villages relatively evenly distributed between its 50 members, CGI-DA dominate the area they are in, the future is tough for these guys who may struggle to grow/avoid getting rimmed, but im happy to be proved wrong. – One of my poorer predictions, Bale leadership cleverly allied with the dominant CGI family, ensuring that they are still around, from 108 villages back in October I predict within a few weeks they will break over 1000 villages. Good leadership from Hugo Milho and the Bale members who can take credit for this.

19. ANTX - In the core with 92 villages, expansion is not really an option with so many stronger tribe around, they may need to ally with a stronger tribe to ensure growth by jumping into war helping them to sneak a few villages. – Suspect they were munched by modern day BT, searching for 92 Vils from months ago is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So in short it didn’t end well for these guys.

20. Fury - Spread quite thin around the north/east rim, however they have the option as a tribe to grow, player "dont stop me now" appears to be growing well. Their future really depends upon ~FFF~.
– Conquered by ~FFF~ or many merged into them. Gemzscreen is a notable mention who is now in Colour

TDA were a top tribe at the time of writing however i did not include them to avoid bias as i was within TDA. I am currently Co-playing on the C3wl account in the CGI family. The ratings then and now are all my opinion however I have tried to be neutral an truthful.


@Itry, you are in the best position to create the latest Top 10 Analysis and compare it with what happened since your last Top 10 post.


1 CGI~DA 28.521.267 28.521.267 35 814.893 3075 9.275
2 DA~CGI 28.445.929 28.445.929 33 861.998 3249 8.755
Grouping the top two together since they are an admitted Family tribe.

StormSiren although mass recruited to an extent. But has used her assets to her tribe's benefit. Lickme being a prime example. She used sat accounts to clear so active members could noble. Forcing many active LickMe members to quit. So great job to StormSiren and her crew.

3 Colour 26.429.502 26.429.502 21 1.258.548 2805 9.422

Colour as said earlier an elite crew and still keeping their member numbers low.They shocked the world with what they left behind in ~FFF~.

Warring WAR! seems more like an expansion project now more than a war, BT seems to be more their focus now. BT has such a tight grouping it will be an interesting war to watch.

4 BT 17.875.007 17.884.191 41 436.200 1985 9.010

Has some talented players even if they are a tad silent on this world. They finished their merge with subv if I am correct. Rumor has it that colour declared before they had the chance to. They have a very tight cluster so it should be interesting to see who comes out on top of this war and if others end up jumping in as rumor has it there will be.

5 ~FFF~ 14.065.053 14.065.053 17 827.356 1598 8.802

Like many I am rooting for them. They survived better than anyone expected with most of their top players stripped from them. They are quiet here on these forums. But having talked to some of their members and their leadership it seems Shorty keeps people on a tight leash with always having food for them to eat and carefully taking in a few players. Although they did recruit some Lickme it seems there has been no war with CGI family. Maybe a compromise was made?

6 WAR! 11.823.955 11.823.955 30 394.132 1461 8.093

They recently have lost Lord BritishBoy not sure what that is about but a little birdie tells me with WAR!'s Duke mia there may be some internal drama. Maybe that is why Colour is able to walk all over them.

7 BALE 6.709.844 6.802.253 49 138.821 920 7.394

I will be honest. I know nothing about them they might be a sleeping giant or just waiting to be plowed over. Maybe someone can fill that one out for me.

8 LickMe 5.907.873 5.907.873 11 537.079 675 8.752

I had really high hopes for this tribe. A few really experienced players taking leadership. I want to say even though it is a dying tribe I have much respect for Grover is Blue. Even though others have reportedly hit delete they have stayed the course and still play the account. Even trying to help their remaining active players try to find homes.
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Grover is Blue's never say die attitude is highly commendable. When everyone else gave up, the account is still there despite the massive damage CGI/DA inflicted on it on their last OP.


1-2 DA~CGI/CGI~DA - Main contender of winning this world. Should be wise enough to start preparing for the main event as early as now.

3 Colour - The only challenger who can snatch the championship from the main contender. I know they have skilled members but does the leadership have the foresight to prepare for the showdown? That remains to be seen.

4 BT - Will have to decide which contender camp to support.

5 ~FFF~ - Will probably support Colour? I'm not sure.

6 WAR! - Well I know they hate Colour so let's assume they'll go with CGI.

7 AWE - (My tribe) We're just noobs, don't mind us.

8 BALE - Will probably collapse by the end of this month. At most they'll have until April before they disband.
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So here we are endgame. Wow how the world has changed since the early days.

First I want to say congratz to the CGI family on the world win. With your win over colour and how quickly colour leadership up and quit the game either with hitting delete or just walking away.

~FFF~/~MP~ Smooth move on the hitting of colour it really tossed the world on it's ear and looks like it threw colour out of the contender seat for a worldwin. I realize they aren't in the rankings anymore since they merged for the win with CGI but they definitely impacted the world in a major way.

Colour you are mostly a dead tribe, right now it is just a matter of how fast ppl can eat the accounts still active before the rest goes barb. It looks like your leadership got too elite and forgot how to treat other players and tribes that are/were just as skilled if not more so and it bit them in the backside. Skill in this game is a fine balance between warring other tribes and politics. You did okay in the war area (but you also had a lot of outside help there). You got to cocky in how you treated your allies and started treating them more like enemies or even worse as if they weren't worthy to be even an enemy just a plain brown dot on the map. The shame is your players paid the price for your attitude towards your allies/naps. My hat off to those that remained and tried to fight. Hard to do with success though with little organization and lack of activity from your leadership.

*ILM* a break off from the colour tribe and still being eaten by the CGI family.

BT another dead tribe but they are still hanging in there at rank 5

The big question still to be answered is what will the line up be when the 90 days are up. We know CGI family but what about rank 3-5.


The big question is who makes the cut into the winning tribe...