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Discussion in 'World 61' started by angelgod1, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. angelgod1

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    Well I didn't see a top 20 thread and its done on just about every world, so, why not start one here.

    Top 20 Tribes

    1 Riot!: Currently ranked 1st in the world, based in k43/44/34, good spread, but your near some very good tribes and your currently at war, if that doesn't stun your growth a bit I see you going far.

    2 Noodle: Currently ranked 2nd in the world, your based in k53/54/64, good spread, but will it hurt you? One coalition down, you worked diplomacy well, can you do it again should another coalition arise?

    3 East : Currently ranked 3rd in the world, based in k56, your biggest competition is LEGIO, I see you beating them and taking the continent with ease.

    4 NotBad: Currently ranked 4th in the world, k55/46/35, your spread is your downfall and your at war, I don't see you lasting.

    5 Faith : Currently ranked 5th in the world, your based in k55, your biggest competition is LEGIO and I see you beating them and the rest of the tribes there.

    6 UR : Currently ranked 6th in the world, your based in k64, your biggest competition is CHAOS, can you beat them?

    7 CENSOR : Currently ranked 7th in the world, your based in k65, your biggest competition is Ros and with bromance handling your recruitment I'm sure you'll do fine.

    8 ERUPT : Currently ranked 8th in the world, based in k45, -|CL|- is your biggest competition and your going to run right over them.

    9 S.Ex. : Currently ranked 9th in the world, based in k35, Gians is your biggest competition and I see them winning.

    10 Wise. : Currently ranked 10th in the world, based in k55, your ranked 5th in the continent I don't honestly see you going the extra mile and taking this continent.

    11 Work : Currently ranked 11th in the world, currently based in k34, Riot and Axe are your biggest competition, I see Axe taking the continent and your best players merging into other tribes.

    12 -|CL|- : Currently ranked 12th in the world, based in k45, Erupt is your biggest competition and I don't see you lasting in the long run.

    13 ~NR~ : Currently ranked 13th in the world, based in k44, Manic is your biggest competition, but they seem too be mass recruiting and not the real manic, I could be mistaken tho.

    14 Gians : Currently ranked 14th in the world, based in k35, S.ex is your biggest competition but I see you outlasting them.

    15 AXE : Currently ranked 15th in the world, based in k34, you are the best looking tribe in the continent, Riot and Work are near you, but I see you coming out on top.

    16 C.T.R : Currently ranked 16th in the world, based in k53, I don't see you lasting at all.

    17 CHAOS : Currently ranked 17th in the world, based in k64, I see you going to war with UR in the near future.

    18 iHate : Currently ranked 18th in the world, based in k46, you seem too be going down in the rankings, and your at war with Notbad, good luck.

    19 New : Currently ranked 19th in the world, based in k53, biggest competition would be Versa.

    20 -CMC- : Currently ranked 20th in the world, your tribe is based in k54, you have 2 other family tribes, your biggest competition would be DX and Aces, good luck.

    Let the flaming begin.
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  2. Royalist

    Royalist Guest

    You didn't see one because the ones like these are useless when the OP doesn't contribute at all.
  3. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest

    ah maybe you should give me time to do it? Your so hasty.
  4. Unstable Element

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    I think that it is about the time when top tribes will start becoming eminent of who they are. Everyone is getting nobles and the truly skilled players will start showing their colors.
  5. yeil

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    If you don't want people trolling your thread try putting a little effort into the first post by actually doing a detailed report on the top 20 tribes and it may take off and encourage others to do the same. Instead of just posting what the current top 20 tribes are when if we wanted to see that we would just check ourselves on either TW stats or in game.
  6. Royalist

    Royalist Guest

    You had an infinite amount of time. All you had to do was to wait with posting it.
  7. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest

    Like I said I am currently working on it, I know I was hasty in making the thread, but I am and will do a top 20 analyses.

    Your right, I was a bit hasty, but now all were doing is spamming the thread.
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  8. yeil

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    This thread deserves to be spammed.
  9. fastrabbit

    fastrabbit Guest

    Kind of harsh towards LEGIO. :(
  10. bugcommander

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    You can look at it that way for sure however i look at it as a great spread for mid-late game as it increases the areas that we can expand too and not be boxed in
  11. whoa. now that's a face i haven't seen in foreverr
  12. yeil

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    I don't see how you can consider CHAOS as a bigger threat for UR than Noodle...
  13. ALessonInPointWhoring

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    Fewer Noodle members in the K could make Chaos be a bigger threat for now at least, later on though I'd agree that Noodle will likely become the bigger threat.
  14. xshahzad

    xshahzad Guest

    Current top 20 tribes.

    Rank Tag Points of best 40 Total Points Members Average points per member Villages Average points per village

    1 Riot! 3,050,634 3,742,000 60 62,367 533 7,021
    2 East 2,562,195 2,994,298 56 53,470 451 6,639
    3 Noodle 2,289,674 2,289,674 38 60,255 316 7,246
    4 SVG 1,653,257 1,736,477 45 38,588 275 6,314
    5 WASP 1,515,923 1,752,008 56 31,286 304 5,763
    6 ERUPT 1,492,482 1,764,156 58 30,416 272 6,486
    7 Rhino 1,452,089 1,624,581 51 31,855 269 6,039
    8 NotBad 1,449,219 1,741,599 58 30,028 291 5,985
    9 CENSOR 1,390,526 1,566,413 57 27,481 269 5,823
    10 Gians 1,350,665 1,557,779 59 26,403 243 6,411
    11 New 1,344,655 1,431,927 49 29,223 232 6,172
    12 TBS 1,118,797 1,298,033 60 21,634 244 5,320
    13 Versa 1,117,340 1,298,603 57 22,783 238 5,456
    14 Wonka 1,095,757 1,095,757 34 32,228 180 6,088
    15 ~TOP~ 1,048,166 1,048,166 37 28,329 168 6,239
    16 SFU 990,071 1,079,216 54 19,985 205 5,264
    17 Hermit 967,190 1,060,993 55 19,291 202 5,252
    18 Womble 937,632 937,632 32 29,301 155 6,049
    19 GOLDEN 905,210 1,027,567 58 17,717 199 5,164
    20 ~GUN~ 858,850 990,807 59 16,793 198 5,004
  15. xshahzad

    xshahzad Guest

    RankTagPoints of best 40Total PointsMembersAverage points per memberVillagesAverage points per village

    WASP merged ERUPT to join top 3 tribe and become powerhouse of NE, and their acedmy MWASP reached rank 14.
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  16. aoecba

    aoecba Guest

    8 players out of 55 isn't exactly a merge:icon_rolleyes:
  17. Krazdone.

    Krazdone. Guest

    Oh really? all of their leadership came over. All of their "good" players came over. Plus Prime(lets face it, they might as well be your sister tribe) took in a few. I mean weather or not it was a good move is debatable, but i think its pretty obvious it was a merge.
  18. aoecba

    aoecba Guest

    Yes we did take most of their leadership in, but they gained nothing more than member status in tribe by joining.If it was actually merge, they would have way more privs than just a member one.
  19. zachary.2

    zachary.2 Guest

    Qft :)
  20. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Riot! good tribe with a solid growth seems to have achieved what they wanted since the start of the world.. To control they home K's With TOP only left in K34 and KD in 43 which they should clean up within a few weeks. Rumor has it that they will be merging with SVG if that is true, it would be the best decision for them both. Getting control of a Core K and moving into different K's which Riot desperately need. They dont seem to have a Duke shows they have a strong leadership group. A lot of the tribes would crumble if this was to happen to them. Overall they deserve the top spot but they arent the topdogs in the world...

    East they seem solid tribe too arrogant. Their duke is an idiot XX have declared on them wonder how that war turns up. They have secured their backs with WASP alliance which will get them to focus on XX and not worry. So far as a tribe they have done well lost a lot of respect with their big mouths on forums.

    WASP 1 of 2 topdogs in the world. Yes you guys think i might be crazy but they have merged with erupt and got other players to join MWASP because of this they have become 1 of the top tribes in this world. They have an alliance with East and Gians and aslong as angacam plays in WASP and earthquake girl in noodle i would speculate that they would work together. Wonder in what direction they will go Knowing East is already in war. This would be perfect opportunity to get rid of east. Knowing Riot and East dont get along so i doubt Riot would hit WASP if Wasp do decide to get rid of East. Aswell as having Gians as Ally, WASP could go all out on East and basically get a lot of free villages. Wonder what they do within a week or 2.

    Noodle Very silent i believe they are the Top dogs of the world. They have made an "alliance" with Versa family very early on which helped them survive. Recently won a war or we could say they merged with Cookie and formed another tribe Just like WASP... Now that cookie is done will most likely Get rid of Versa by getting the top versa players into Rice and nobling the Smaller ones. Not a fan of this very boring play style. Overall They seem solid lost respect with soo much hugging.

    Gians Seemed to have gotten back on track after that little gangbang.. Should be tankful that WASP took out one of the bangers in hermit. Warring TOP they seem to be doing fine even tho TOP keep recruiting from them. Now that Riot got into mix Gians will have a much easier fight and will get out on top. Overall Not really sure what to say about them they seem averae.