Top 20 Tribes


New tribe, TBD, ranked 14th with a few Hotrex guys. Just sprung up within the last hour. What's that all about?


Amazing!!! ya all can spot tribe movements, be sure to add that to your records of abilities, now this posts is designed for opinions on top 20 tribes, is there any?



pretty much nothing changes really, so no point in making a new thread for every little movement that is done in the world... atleast we come and post something... this is getting really depressing

if it really bothers you so much that we spot people leaving your tribe, ill stop doing it...
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So long to ~@~ on its freefall out of the top ten. Ex has recruited some of their top players. I predict Fear? will be the next top 10 to fall. Likely due to the same reason. A couple top players will leave again and they will lose a couple million points falling out of the top ten. If not them then NomNom.


RankTagPoints of best 40Total PointsMembersAverage points per memberVillagesAverage points per village

1. Still on top. Don't see any reason they would leave this spot unless inactivity forces them to internal and merge into ~MW~.
2. Still number 2. See number 1.
3. Let's just try and war with everybody we can. Don't know them personally but leadership seems intent on driving them off a cliff into a group of circling sharks.
4. I think they will prevail out of the far west but in the end they will have to face the giant behemoth tribe that will form out of hotrex and mw.
5. Appears to be a solid tribe. Eventually will merge or at least ally with TRE to face the East.
6. How are these guys still around? Food for MW.
7. Growing rim tribe. Eventually will just be food for hotrex.
8. These guys appear solid but made mistakes allying and/or merging with EX.
9. Pretty much the same as number 6.
10. and 11. Are these guys family or what? They appear to keep growing and no one is bothering them to much. Maybe they will ally themselves with TRE and Infest when the east comes a knocking.
15. My tribe. Waiting for MW to recruit the larger members and then see what happens to me.:icon_eek:


I would like to see a three way war. Tension between TRE and Hotrex is growing I believe >:D and TRE is fighting Ex :) Ex is fighting Hotrex :)

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oh wow, what are YOU doing here? :icon_razz:


that is what is going on, you going to finish it?


Here is my take on w64.

#1 Hotrex. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that they have the majority of the top-rated players on this world and are strong favourites to wrap things up. But is it that simple? It should be. Their points almost doubled after the merge with MW and prior to it they were already comfortably the two largest tribes. But biggest isn't always best. Munching inactives takes the edge off the best players. I reckon they need a war to get themselves together and working properly as a tribe again.

#2 -CKD- Popped up recently with the departure of Pain.carbon from HOTREX and seem to have cherry-picked the top players from EX and TRI. An interesting development and a bit of an indictment of the lack of competition among big tribes in this world that a newly formed albeit selective tribe should be able to jump into 2nd spot almost overnight. Not sure if the loss of Pain.carbon is a clue as to some dissatisfaction within HOTREX or just some ploy by HOTREX to cause other tribes to break-up. I guess it doesn't make much difference. It does bring their obvious rivals under one banner so perhaps the showdown between them if it happens will show us what both sides are made of. God, I hope it doesn't end in hugs. That would be lame.

#3 TRI Like EX this tribe lost a few to -CKD- and as a result is a shadow of what it was 48 hrs ago. I expect the remainder will move across or work under protection of their former tribemates. They could join a smaller tribe but i reckon thats unlikely at this stage of the game.

#4 #TbBoA2 I must confess to not being a fan of this tribe. It's always hard to say from the outside looking in but their ODT is terrible. Take away their top 5 players and it would be embarrasing for a tribe their size. With some clear exceptions, stats show high levels of barb nobling and an unwillingness to engage in war. Which is I think one of the main ideas of this game. :icon_confused: Unless i misread the name of the game.
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#5 MW Only the inactives remain. Waiting to be eaten or talk their way into a tribe that will take them. Or go barb. So much for all the big talk from certain of their players. BLA BLA BLA you're food. BLA BLA BLA I once had a 5 million point acc. BLA BLA BLA look at me-I have friends who can protect me when i talk smack and can't back it up. You may infer that i find their demise amusing. And you'd be right.

# 6 Fear? A tribe doing reasonably well for their size. Top-players seem to be capable. Lack of depth and a fair few passengers i'd say. I would expect them to merge into someone else or be gobbled up. They look like a tricky but delicious morsel.

# 7 -RY-I didn't notice these guys until i wrote this post and here's why;
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Anyhow. They have some decent players and aren't mass recruiting. Yet. So that's nice.

# 8 (404) A moderate tribe of smallish players. I'm not encouraged by a brief glimpse of their stats.

# 9 THINK! A tidy little tribe. On an upward curve. But like most of the rest of the top 10 outside the top 2, although they can play a part if they get involved they will most likely be bullied into submission when the bigger players come calling. But maybe not...

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# 10 EX Apparently dissappearing quietly. Rather a pity after all that time building up such a mighty tribal ODD.
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Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

Quite honestly no tribe outside the top 10 and arguably a few of the top ten really rate a mention in this thread. Its a shame since i like the settings on this world. Lets hope it can end in an almighty bloodbath instead of a hug-fest.


Nice I like the honesty there boredfishy. I agree lets hope there is no more tribal hugs ;)


Rank Tag Points of best 40 Total Points Members Average points per member Villages Average points per village
1 -CKD- 209,589,425 228,016,718 49 4,653,402 23,080 9,879
2 Puzzle 208,640,651 208,640,651 38 5,490,543 21,055 9,909
3 #TBoA2 43,465,887 43,465,887 34 1,278,408 4,609 9,431
4 Fear? 31,199,411 31,199,411 25 1,247,976 3,219 9,692
5 THINK! 21,079,592 21,079,592 19 1,109,452 2,295 9,185
6 -RY- 17,662,026 17,662,026 15 1,177,468 1,808 9,769