Top 5 Influential People to W56


I love you to Koss.It was a pleasure fighting along side all of the great members of W2V.


I have to say Willy, that 4 day stunt we pulled just after the merge that wasn't is counted amongst the times I hated myself and some of the best moments I've had in TW. It's also the longest voice call I've ever had. That Friday to the the next Tuesday tossing sits between us and sleeping for an hour or two at a time was certainly unique.

Thanks for the experience, dude. I also think that marked the time I stopped sitting extensively and started playing like Roo.


Its Official guys and girls! W2V has won :)

Congrats to the entire W2V team, we deserved it!

Yes dudeja.. im saying "we" coz i was part of W2V throughout the whole war.. i never left the Mattieboy account since i switched from AMGecko to Mattie, my own solo account :)

I know i would have to be the most hated poster in this world :D but that doesnt really bother me.. My pure goal in TW is to win, and to achieve that.. i always do whatever it takes.. WHATEVER IT TAKES.. even as far as stealing an MM account. How did i pull off having Mattie and Shadarko at the same time without changing passwords? maybe the same way Zurtle managed to log in Jake the Peg acc to take the account back and take screenshots of W2V/M2W forums? Maybe? ;) Ive been ban multiple times in my other previous world where i duked the winning tribe.. but like said.. WHATEVER IT TAKES.. i lie, backstab, spy(lol i also spied in bull3t forum for giggles through 6169's account), manipulate, and get my hands dirty to get the win.

Let me take a moment to talk about MM.. It is no secret that I believe you don't deserve to win at all. This is purely because you relied on W2V to do most of the heavy lifting and just benefit from it without putting much effort into anything aside from being clever with diplomacy.. DH is the one responsible for MM's survival and their strong diplomacy throughout, im not being sarcastic here.. i really believe that DH pulled off a lot of things not many could. But in the end, she let her emotions and ego took over and felt she could challenge W2V. Since i am being completely honest here, I would just have to say that MM's biggest chance in defeating W2V was right BEFORE the false merge.. I am not gonna speak for the whole W2V but the atmosphere around that time when W2V was starting to lose stats wasnt that good. Also that was when i just came back from my holiday and lost all my K52/51/31/41/42 villas as Cobus wasnt able to defend at all having my sit and I was ready to give up.. then i saw all of a sudden the merged tribe in stats so decided to log in again and just collect the PP prize. Then out of nowhere W2V got disbanded, i logged in on a tribeless account and ALL of scattered W2V players were furious as to how we were played around on this false merge. THAT WAS THE MOMENT when i saw our tribe to really fire up and stand together to take it up to MM. players like FBTB and Dem who started going inactive all of sudden went active again to really get things moving and thats when we made a pact to kill GP and DH or make them delete or do whatever it takes to kill both accounts.

But anyways Im not gonna bad mouth MM any more as they did make us work for the win. As much as ive exaggerated a lot of the situations through my posts out here.. i really believe MM did a hell of a job in sticking it to us. They were more active, had more members, more allies and really put the 35 active accounts of W2V to the test. (Yes im saying accounts not players because I personally had constant 4 to 5 sitted accounts)

Finally, to thank my kickass tribemates.. What can i say that hasnt been said :D I love you guys and i know i will play with a lot of you still in future worlds. This is my second win and i learned a lot from this world than i did from w34.

Ralyn - Best duke ive seen and would gladly play under him again (we know you are organising that pre-made :D). You kept us all together and would call us out when we get out of line. Couldnt have asked for a better duke.

James - Mate you and I had our ups and downs :D it took me a while to warm to you, and Willy can attest to that.. But in the end it wouldnt be the same without you.. you are a big piece of W2V and i have nothing but respect for you for standing up and taking on the duke role and Roo stepped down.

sidd and Camel - Congratz on rank 1 guys! I will be honest to say that i feel Mal deserves it more but you guys did a hell of a job. I had a lot things to say behind your backs during my stress times in-game but im sure you two will forgive me :D

Mal - mate i still hate you for stealing my ODA rank but i love u more than i hate you just for being you. you always kept your eyes on the prize and worked hard to get it. I wish we could convince you to play with us again but i know you are quitting for good. best of luck in RL

Shadow - your constant circs of reports annoy the crap out of me but you are just a gem and just gets on with the job.

Anomandor - given your location in the last war you did spectacularly well in getting yourself involved both off and def. Im jus glad we ended up recruiting you and dunc after T war coz whatta monster(a good one!) you tu out to be.

stargate - mate you must know by now that you are my favourite out of everyone.. i know you dont read externals but i am publicly confessing my love to you coz you are just awesome.

Infernalz - where do i start with you :D you were a pain in T war and was still a pain in this war before you joined us. If i need anyone to help me in other worlds.. you are my first go-to guy just so you know. I only wished we had more time to play together(and maybe against each other lol) coz those were the good old times :)

Baron - Same as Infernalz, i wish we had more time to play together.. It was fun sitting your account and really glad you came back before the end. special thanks to alb too for helping me out when you went through your RL problems.

charshaun and Eddyco(Yummy) - thanks for the good times guys, i know shauns activity started to go down quite a few times during the war but we managed and shaun i dont know how u stay calm all the time :D unlike me always stressing.

Novko - the fun times we had mate in those snipe threads for Cobus and Makalu.. You were always there to help and your attention to lil details can get quite annoying sometimes :D but you definitely made things a lot of fun in the tribe. Also i loved those mails you sent to MM players :D

Duncan and Sara - now now enough of the bloody PDA in our skype chat :D always fun having you both around... duncan, bloody hell you got one filthy mind i dont know where half of what u say comes from sometimes and Sara thanks for whipping him into shape.. im sure he whips you back.. but lets not get into that right now.

taz - mate your presence itself injects a lot of energy in the tribe and you and I are always on the same page about everything so i appreciate the good times and I know you wear the pants in your relationship with Willy.. FACT. i hope you all the best in RL.

Willy - You added some serious l33tness in taz' account thats for sure.. im always gonna be more l33t than you but you already know that. What can i say.. you taught me a lot and the fun we had mostly sitting Shadow and the OP you created that really broke through Infernal'z cluster in december says a lot about your capability. One of the best players ive played with.

Makalu/LL - my long time buddy all the way back from w34.. thanks for taking on the big job of manning the busiest W2V account.. I contemplated about playing Makalu myself but i knew you are the one and only perfect player for it thats why i contacted you right away.. The best player ive ever played with hands down.. you were one of the big reason we won w34 and one of the big reason we won this world.

Faps - One of the most passionate and honourable player ive every played with. You are resilient and one of the best. It took me awhile to figure you out and as you can remember we butted heads at the start but what a gem and a friend you turned out to be.

Warrior No. 1 Ivan and Rob - LOL Ivan you will always be the lil brother i wish i had. Such a troublemaker but deep inside a very misunderstood lil boy. Rob, you turned the Warrior acc into a killing machine.. I glad you came back and helped us to win this world i promise i wont drag you back into TW again i know you're enjoying TW-less life right now :D

findo - RL became busier mate but you stuck it out and handed me your acc when nukes were ready for unloading :D really enjoyed playing your acc and all the best in RL.

FBTB - i know you wish you could've been around more in this war but you stuck it out til the end.. you're probably one of W2V's best thats under the radar. We had some good exchange in T war too.. good times.

oldman - How the bloody hell could we have survived without you.. Im the source of dramas but you.. you provided comic relief.. A LOT OF IT :D also the fact that you had very limited time for this game and still able to help with a lot.. sitting, sniping, etc. a real WAR MACHINE. Im sure in your next world you will achieve the solo win that you've always wanted. <3

sen066/Stu - mate you are such a bad influence.. im trying to have a nice time away from TW and you drag me back in w68 :D but seriously i would do anything for you in TW mate.. me and Rob had to convince you to take over sen's acc so i definitely owe you a lot and you did a lot of killing in that acc.. jus like old times in w34 :)

Dem - mate when you are on song.. you are quite unstoppable, i know RL became hectic for you mid war but we love you too much we couldnt kick you out. <3

Cobus and Franz - Your acc went through hell and came out as strong if not stronger. It was really fun playing it and it became painful at times. Again, i know RL became busy but your decision to continue playing and sticking til the end went a long way to securing our east frontline to prevent players like cwstwo and dudeja to make any progress.

Twilight - You are definitely the female version of me (if im not female enough :S).. What the hell had you been doing in MM? then a turn around that you showed in your performance once recruited by W2V.. Just brialliant.. you are also one of the players that put up with my dramas and counselled me when i was just going ballistic if things didnt go my way.. i thank you for it and if you need anything im on your skype.

Conor - The only one who nobled a village from me in AMGecko account also the one that brainwashed me into joining this crazy bunch.. I know you ran out of steam towards the end and just lost interest but we had a lot of good times.. You and I.. when we start b*tch*n about people we can just chat all day :D

Boo - The one who used to whip us into shape.. although he stepped down from it when RL became busier. Top bloke, team player and a good friend. Very inappropriate at times but we forgive his shortcomings.

Rund - You lil trooper! was tribeless for quite a while until he showed enough dedication for W2V to recruit him.. Had a few inactive times but when active.. always ready to help with just about anything. Sorry for catting you too much before mate.. it had to be done! :D

If i miss anyone forgive me.. i am l33t but not perfect. This is my last post and Saunfree acc will officially be rested (If i need a troll acc in future world i may use this acc again :D)

Thanks for making this world enjoyable everyone!

Signing out,
Koss - Saunfree

Thanks for the compliment I guess but when I did my diplomacy, it was all with the alliance in mind. In the same way my diplomacy made -MM- safer, so it did W2V. You are right that I let emotions get the better of me in the end. I let it get personal as I really did build a friendship over that year. That was my mistake and I let it affect my actions in the first merge talks - it had nothing to do with ego, I am just a very passionate person.

James finally did tell me what went wrong in the talks and I can understand it. It all boiled down to elitism in W2V. You thought that it was W2V who did all the heavy lifting and completely forgot that it has actually been team work the entire time. We as -MM- had already made a name for ourselves and made it to top 20 by the time W2V approached us. We had no allies until after we attacked MoM. It was our loyalty to the alliance that stopped a full world gang bang on W2V. It was my diplomacy (versus Willy's <3) that led to the disbanding of [T] and prematurely finishing off the West. W2V benefited greatly from all of this as well as -MM- ofc.

You say the false merge was the moment that you guys got fired up and I agree. That is also the moment when spiritdoctor sold us out to you (after he and sirkon and their families enjoyed a month long vacation at our expense). Had M2W remained loyal, you would have lost regardless, as we were in our best shape ever until Sirkon posted his drivel in the forums and thus turned your anger into real hope.

Basically W56 came down to those who wanted to win at any cost and those who placed certain values and friends ahead of that win. It is done now and all the best to everyone in their real lives.

PS You forgot Lord Gaston's account as one of yours as well.


sidd and Camel - Congratz on rank 1 guys! I will be honest to say that i feel Mal deserves it more but you guys did a hell of a job. I had a lot things to say behind your backs during my stress times in-game but im sure you two will forgive me :D

Cheers. I know, that we had a good run on this world. Truth be told though, I guess you are right about it. We never got OPed (proven by the pathetic ODD), so yea, we didnt have to put much work into it. But hey, we could have finished much stronger, if only we could have been bothered to send more trains. Last time I checked, I had like still 200 full trains sitting around doing nothing and the packets to rebuild them twice.

And hey, you talking between our backs aint very nice. The good thing for you is, I didnt even know of that until now :D And not that it matters anyways. Id forgive you (almost) everything...

To sum it up really, Im glad I stuck around and didnt quit, when real life got a little bit out of hands. I guess I just knew that I cant leave an epic team like this :)

~TcC~ (signing out)



PS You forgot Lord Gaston's account as one of yours as well.

As far as I know, Lord Gaston had the original owner to the end. He was sat here and there, but he was a nice guy and quite loyal to W2V even though has was not active enough to become a formal member of the tribe.