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Dear players,

After careful consideration, the Tribal Wars Team has decided to officially support and manage a Discord Chat. We believe this will help us create a nice environment for our community to get to know each other, receive instant feedback from you and engage with you on various topics. Besides this, it will be possible to join world specific channels to make it possible to discuss world-related subjects like ongoing wars, alliances, .... It will open up en entirely new world of Politics and Propaganda!

Please note however that the Discord chat will not be a means of providing support. All support related matters need to go through the official support system, and will remain unanswered, possibly even deleted, from the chat!

We are looking forward to seeing you over there!

Your Tribal Wars Team

If you are not yet in our discord, you can join the channel straight away using the below links.

If you have already joined our server, you can use the commands (type them in any channel) to get access to the world-specific channels.

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