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My name is Eric and I am an addict.

I have been addicted to TW for 2 years now.

During my 23 months in the game I have spent £92 pounds on this wonderful addiction.

I have spent far too many hours to count playing with what is essentially numbers.

I have missed classes, forgone sleep and even sacrificed my highly valued nights at the pubs, on occasion.

I hit bottom today. I have now been on TW for 5 days straight and in that time I have slept a total of 17 hours. I have missed 2 days of Uni (not particularly important ones) and I have left only to buy food, do laundry and wash.

But the important thing is that I still do thoroughly enjoy this game and when the time comes that I have to leave this world and move onto W53 I am always gonna look back at this one and think "damn that was fun".

Okay - so who wants to share next :p

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Eric, I'd have to agree with you on most points. I have also foregone sleep, stayed at home instead of going out and having fun, just to sit in front of lappy and deal with TW. I have spent far too much money on this game, yet hold no regrets on doing so. This game has a subliminal message hidden in there somewhere to trick our brains into liking it far too much.

When W29 is finally over, I am going to miss it, and the good and bad times it held. I will hope to continue to speak to the people I have met on skype, they best still log in. :]

I myself have played TW since W4 opened, and have never fully quit. I honestly cannot see myself fully quitting ever :|.

Anyways, short and sweet :D


Played since W4, where I was a newb and able to manage my time online, because I simply didnt care about TW enough to stay here all day

However, upon founding TCO, later SPANK, on W29, I became a full on addict, unable to completely quit the game no matter how many times I try.

I too have foregone sleep, in fact, I went three full days of playing on a speed round I found somewhere. Yes, I hit rank 1, but 2 nights of no sleeping really wasnt worth it. I nearly went unconscious during the third day when I was taking a shower - thats when I finally decided sleep was more important at that time than more TW

I often times sit on here until 2, 3, sometimes 4 in the morning, simply because every 5 minutes more LC returns home for me to send out to another farm. Its an endless task, a constant one that could keep me busy for the rest of my life.

The other night on W52, I had a noble train incoming at my main. It was due to land at 1 in the morning for me. A girl I like very much asked me to come over for the night. I was getting ready to go when I realized that since I lead a bunch of newbs, having someone else snipe it would have been useless. I almost called her back up and told her I couldnt come. My room mate threatened to smash my computer if I didnt go over to her room. It was at that moment that I realized Ive really hit rock bottom.

I spend about 90% of my time on TW.

Aside from time management, which I could probably fix with a dependable coplayer, I have realized another much more important problem.

When I am into a world, I am a good fighter, Im a good teacher, a good player overall. Not the best, but a pretty solid one. Especially when it comes to defending, very few people can touch me. Granted I tend to fizzle out, noble some barbs, and then quit altogether when things dont go my way for a while lol.

Anyhow, Im relatively popular, generally liked, etc in game. I used to be like that in real life - very popular, pretty good at most everything, all that good stuff. However, looking back, I can see what happened. The more I played TW, the more those traits came through on the game, and the less they came out in Real life.

I can sit here for 12, 15 hours straight playing TW. I spend hours helping new players. I sit on skype and talk for hours to people.
In Real life, I am now completely unmotivated. I skip classes, I havent done a homework assignment since in 2 months, I dont talk to people often, unless they start up a conversation with me. My life has essentially become TW. I no longer have a life outside of TW.

*WFA, I hope that explains my lack of presence on w53. I am currently attempting to quit W52, and hope to be done with the game after that.


It does, and tis fine Ankaar. Real life, if you can grab it and let go of TW, Kudos to you :]


My turn!

I'm Luke and I'm a bad addict to Tribal Wars (thanks for the toolbar guyz ^.^)

I've played for a couple of years, but only been properly addicted in the last 20 months.

I have spent countless amounts of money on premium too, I wondered why I was so anxious for my birthday to refill my empty bank :p

I play this way too much, sometimes going whole days at a time.

I've missed school, spent all night playing, stayed in playing instead of partying and generally sat here waiting for incomings. *cries*

It's got really bad since I play quite a few worlds: w15, w29, w43 and w53. So this game requires my constant attention and checking.

I originally started w29 under the account of originalgangsta. It was an alright account, but I started to make a mess of things, and sometimes I became a little too nuke happy. I got selfish in tribal matters and caused a stir which meant that the majority on the world did not like me. I did quite a lot of bad things. I left on 1 Jan 2010.
Just a few weeks ago, around the 1st November I got a new account on w29. So far I've been getting on well with people again, and I'm not going to make the same mistake as last time, since I have learned a lot in the past year. Now I just love nobling villages...
I hope my life story made you cry :'(



only way to stop the addiction cold turkey style. anything else and the addiction will continue. I am a success story :p