TribalWars Love Story


Now people, how did you meet each other, anything special happened during the first phase that has since put its mark on your permanent relationships? Come forward, tell us your dirty little secrets :icon_redface:

Below is how me and Gaspar met. It might seem long at first, but its all paragraphs and a lot of space between really. This all took place in January 2009, in the worlds adolescence and all that.

gaspar92 on 17.01. at 21:33
I would like to warn you that you held a refugee, he is Pi-Slayer.

He nobled one of our members and we are taking him out, however this doesn't concern your tribe, so my humble request is for you to dismiss him as he will be under attack until we kill him.

Thanks in advance,

Bubbledrunk on 17.01. at 23:40
We will not dismiss him as he is not a refugee and we were fully aware he was attacking you. Thank you for noticing me about your shitty situation and have a pleasant rimming. As well, how the hell can you even call him a refugee!? A short check of him on TW stats (and the fact we've been chatting with him for over a week already) shows this:

Pi-Slayer tribe changes:
None - PLO 14th January 2009 - 16:00:02

Pi-Slayer nobles your "friends" village
388|791 - 5,227 points - taken from: climberdude - ~BW~ by Pi-Slayer - PLO - 16th January 2009 - 14:29:24

With your logical thinking I wouldn't want to be in your tribe, seriously... You call a person who nobles you AFTER he changed to our tribe A REFUGEE this makes no sense.

If this was a chain letter you deserved this reply anyways, if not, I'm not either a diplomat nor a top leader, but I can speak on behalf of the PLO community who are politically condemning Pi-Slayers actions, in the same manner as we condemn the action of putting butter on bread. The cake is a lie.

gaspar92 on 18.01. 00:31
Do whatever you want to.

You are too far to support him and he left his tribe RISE to join us . He was going to join us to start spying and to send info to RISE, we got him before he joined.

He attacked us, before joining you although the nobling process takes some time as you may know.

I've contacted you since you are in PLO profile, I also contacted other people.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 00:36
I am the weatherman as my profile might have given a clue to... I predict what the "weather" i.e. wars/nobling/farming is going to be, I do not predict diplomacy or care about leading :)

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 00:37
If you had in your profile page who the diplomat is I would have contacted him.

Although it doesn't, so I contacted the 2 first persons in your tribe profile.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 00:41
For any further talks with PLO, please do talk to me as we've already initiated contact. We work as a team although it is John Murray* and Blo0dAngel who are the main leaders.

gaspar92 on 18.01. 00:43
The second person I've contacted is John Murray*.

I don't want to have any problems with your tribe, although it does concern me that you held someone that was going to join my tribe to spy and help is former tribe, RISE

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 00:47
We have been aware of that since before he joined us and we trust his skill and honesty to us. We are not naive, and neither is he.

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 00:52
I want this to be clear, he is a refugee, we were attacking him before he joined your tribe.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 00:53
He is not a refugee as we have not seen any proof of you attacking him in either his reports or reports sent to us from you. We say he is not a refugee and there is nothing you can do about it, realize that.

While we're on the subject, why would it matter for you if he was in PLO or not, you said yourself that "we are too far to support him". Even though from what we have seen so far from him, his reports and the effort he has sown he hasn't really needed any help either, GFHL in the fail marathon!

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 00:57
We will soon send you the reports I'm working on that.

Although he says you are supporting him. Of course that we haven't done anything big yet, we aren't playing tribal hugs, he will have what he deserves although we are also at war with other tribes, so we can't deal everyone at the same time.

Now or later we will have revenge on him, either on PLO or tribeless.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:01
What do you say about we two having a date? <3 It'd be a great opportunity to get to know each other better, and to discuss this "difficult" matter at hand. How does citrus-cream pie sound to you?

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:03
Ahaha I'm not sure, my mommy always told me to never hang out with strangers.

However hmmm citrus-cream pie...

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:07
yeah, pie and we can share our candy cane for desert, your mommy will approve of our meeting to eat citrus-cream pie if she gets to taste my candy cane!

We aren't strangers, just from separate sides of the playground :)

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:11
I must ask her, however it seems that today and tomorrow will rain a lot near Pi-Slayer villages and a storm may go on it's way so we may have to delay our meeting.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:13
Oh, but darling, we could sit down in front of the fire and watch the rain fall and storms pass by, it'll be great! There we could have a tiger-carpet and a good drink.

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:15
That's way too calm. We could throw a party. Drinks? Oh yeah, beer, vodka..

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:17
A sexy party right? we all invite our friends and play around the warmth of the fireplace and later we eat more pie and candy? :icon_biggrin: It could be at my place, we even got two fireplaces :icon_surprised:

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:20
Yes, it could be that way. Where I live we don't need fireplaces, it's always warm.


Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:21
*hands gaspar a candy cane to suckle on* how does it taste dear? :)

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:23
oh my god, now that I'm tasting it it tastes a lot better.

*asks if we can go outside to dive into the pool*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:25
oh yes! I'd love to take a swim with you, it is so nice in the moonlight.

*takes off clothes and dives into the deep end*

come in darling, it's magnificent!

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:27
*SPLASH! dove in"

It's cold here, we could go to the whirlpool. :icon_smile:

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:28
oh, but we can warm each other you know <3 the whirlpool can wait for later :icon_wink:

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:31
*thinks this is getting too close*

What about getting some girls in here.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:33
who said I was a guy? :icon_eek:


gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:34
who said you were human?

*finds out that you are a bubble and that you are drunk so you are bubbledrunk!*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:35
I am a being whom would be your perfect partner! :icon_cool:

getting drunk on bubbles must be good for something?

*asks gaspar to come back into the jacuzzi*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:39
*jumps in*

It's hot in here.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:40
oh, but it is you who is hot, lets see what I can do to cool you down a little, tell me how it feels.

*dives under the water*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:41
It's even hotter.

*oh my god*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:45
*gets head out of water*

let me massage you a little, you seem very tense

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:46
*you don't wanna do that*

go ahead.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:49
*moves hands down to massage gaspar*

oh my, this tenseness really needs to be taken care of, just sit back, by the way, is your mother home? It'd be awkward having her come out here...

*doesn't wait for reply and dives back down under the water*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:50
*Jumps from the jacuzzi* I gotta go I can't be unfaithful

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:51
*jumps up after*

but darling... your shorts are still in the pool! now come over here and get some!

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 01:52
I don't care.

I'll find my way home naked or not.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 01:59
*looks through the bag next to the door and finds the chloroform*

I want you... I want you to stay with me for a long time!

*runs for gaspar with the cloth and puts it over his nose and mouth*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 02:08

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 02:30
*grabs gasp before he hits the sidewalk and talks loudly to not seem suspicious*

Dear! I told you it was not a good idea to drink so much, now look at you, naked and all... and... ehm... still at attention I see o_O

*drags gaspar back inside and onto his bed*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 03:00
*still unconscious*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 03:02
*undresses gaspar and puts the covers over him*

'whispering to self': damn it, too much chloroform.

*kisses him on the forehead and lies down next to gaspar*

tomorrow dear, tomorrow will be the day

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 19:57
*pokes gaspar*

are you awake yet? Your libido apparently is o_O

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 21:35

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 22:25
I'm awake.

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 22:28
then come over, dinners ready *wink*

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 22:28
No, you're a pervert, you drugged me and you took advantage of that.

*Slaps bubbledrunk*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 22:34
:icon_neutral: I did not take advantage of it! I was kind enough to keep you from running away from home nude.

*cries* I will possibly never massage you again

gaspar92 on 18.01. at 22:37
You wont!

I hate you.

*Runs away*

Bubbledrunk on 18.01. at 22:50

PS: I be back :icon_eek:
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*Gaspar Seal of Approval*

That's all I can say.

Awesome chat :)


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