Tribe 9000 Recruiting!


Hey Dom (OR anyone else for that matter), feel free to use any or all of the below Recruitment/Coplayer Application for your tribe--helps you get to know your prospect better.
[spoil]Recruitment Application
Please copy the following and paste it in either a word/works document, fill out and them mail me the completed app, pls/

__________________________________________________ _____________________________
Player Name:
Real name:
Player Points:
No. of Villages:
Previous Tribes Joined:
ODA Rank:
Why You Should Be Let Into (Circle please): [put tribe id here]

__________________________________________________ _______________________________
Some of the previous and following have been taken from threads on the public forums___
answer these questions please

1.) What is your troop count
2.) what levels are your farm
3.) are you really 15
4.) what do you eat for breakfast
answer these questions please
5.) Do you have a girl / boy friend
6.) what is your gender
7.) what is your experience like on former worlds (i want to know the details of your first world, your best world, and your most recent world - if any coincide just give me that one not the next)
8.) how many members have you got
9.) how many fingers am i holding up ;)

please answer
10. to show me how much you want me in your tribe can you get another player in your tribe to send me the first 3 words of the song 'Sunburn' by Muse in italic form
if you do that i will possibly join your tribe

more application questions for potential co's & recruits

11. what worlds have you played on and what were your player names on those worlds?
12. do you have any connections to anyone on w44, whether known to be allied or enemies of my tribe?
13. what has your experience been in tw?
14. have you ever held any positions within the tribes you've been a member of?
15. what can you bring to the tribe?
16. can you send and/or snipe 150-200ms trains?
17. what has your best and worst experiences in tw?

18. what timezone and country are you located in and what server times would you be available to co?[/b] this question is only for coplaying an account, not for joining the tribe :)

19. what timezone and country are you located in and what server times do you play your account? yeah, still need the info ;)

20. have you ever played on w44? this question is only for coplaying an account, not for joining the tribe :)

21. have you ever played on w44 under another player name?

22. were you interested only in coing my account , or would you be interested in coing for one of my other tribemates, instead? If interested in another account within my tribe, would you prefer small or decent sized account? this question is only for coplaying an account, not for joining the tribe :)


24. do you believe in playing by the rules, or do you bend them? if you bend them, what rules do you bend?
25. Are you someone that would be on the account daily or just certain days and times of the week?
26. What would you do if there was a massive war going on?
27. Are you willing to account sit when you're on the account?
28. What level of activity are you when you're ingame? Are you active at the tribal level and in forums or what?
29. What level of loyalty to the tribe do you have in the tribes you are/have been in on other worlds?
30. What do you think should be the top 5 priorities in a tribe by its members and Council?
31. Do you have any references?

32. How did you hear about me/my tribe needing co's? pf/friend of yours/friend of mine/other? this question is only for coplaying an account, not for joining the tribe :)

33. How did you hear about me/my tribe wanting new members? pf/friend of yours/friend of mine/other?

34. what skill level of playing are you at? total noob/noob vet/between noob & elite somewhere/elite let's have honest & realistic self-assessments please

35. how much time does it take you to make yourself familiar with an account?
36. if it's a time slot I'm expecting you to be ig on the account...other than when you tell me you have RL to take care of, will you be ig on the account?
37. what level of activity do you have when it comes to the pf? tribe forum?
38. are you someone i can delegate certain responsibilities within either my position or the tribe and you'll do them?
39. now are you the type that take off without telling people you're not going to be ingame and you dont' set sitters?

This a joke?

Anyone who asks this much info takes the game too seriously.


Lambert, you're totally right! Just a question of tracking down which person with privs did it. And this time, I'll find out who it is, before they merge into RAM :)

yeah TK that's possible, but highly game-illegal, not to mention, dishonorable. plus, this way we know before they even come in what job in the tribe they'd be good for--besides, even if tribe 9000 (though not listed) is an enemy, why should I not help dom learn how to play the game better? After all, some of my best help came not just from my allies, but from my ig enemies as well!

besides, a big part of our pre-invite research is done on, among other sites, on If we didn't use that site, we'd have had tons more suspicious people in our tribe :icon_wink:

No, Omi, it's not a joke, but a requirement--and yeah, there ARE those who play this game that DO take it as seriously as you do, if not more, but dont have the training that your members in RAM have. Plus, some of those questions are destressors and some are to see if people can follow directions, and some meant as a joke, but most of them are meant to get as much info as possible so that we get people who wont quit. After all, I'm not quitting--just ditching this acct and taking a 2 wk vacation from the game for personal reasons.
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Paver, I honestly would type out the requirements you listed if I had time to do so, lol.

But, W44 is not my main focus right now. I am busy with other worlds such as W39. I'm just trying to get a good tribe going and see how it turns out.
Clearly no one will want to join my tribe as it is quite noobish with only 1.7 million points. But it's worth a try.


dom, that was for you to use for your tribe, if you wished to use it, whether you wished to use the entire thing or shortened it for your purposes. And I applaud your points and ranking, as well as your diplo ties. And yes, dom, it IS worth it, just as my tribe is also worth it at 1.8 mil :) but it's TROOPS that win wars, not points. TROOPS, TACTICS, COORDINATION and BRAINS...things both of us have. Good luck with your tribe and fair game.
its not really training... just experience
When one lacks the experience one needs training in order to compensate and compete.
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when one lacks training one gets rimmed and one tries again... i was never "trained" lol someone showed me how do do certain stuff but i wouldnt call it training


I knew I forgot to put something back on the tribe profile when I changed it all around--here's my 7 rules of combat, based in part on martial arts training and the Art of War . Dom, you might want to pay special attention to #s 3 and 4 :)
[spoil]Rules of Combat:

1. Know yourself.
2. Know your enemy
3. Never over-estimate yourself
4. Never under-estimate your opponent
5. hmmmmm I know there was a number 5 lol
6. Never get someone's personal ally pissed at you
7. Check your facts before you accuse another player of misconduct[/spoil]


TK i would like to say tht i hope you have fun in this game:):)