Tribe K49


What else need be said, I'm finally ready to leave the Aussie Knights.

I wont accept invites from any old Tribe though...

I have experience from a massive war

Most Points = 91K+
Highest Rank = Around 2K I don't quite remember...

If anyone is interested who isn't a FAMILY TRIBE.
That means you GODS...
Then don't bother posting because I hate you.

Oh yeah... Also.

As Attacker;
Rank = 2278
Score = 89,829

As Defender;
Rank = 599
Score = 350,670


If it wasn't already obvious the tribe needs to be in or around K49.
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I've sent you an invite to the PURE Brotherhood. We are ranked 76 world rank and 12 on K49.
There are Limited spaces.


Thundr, I got a lot of guys out in K39.

I'd be glad to let you join the LLs.