Tribe/Player Countdown


Time for this I think :p

1004 Tribes
963 Tribes with points

10076 Players
9314 Players with points

15/03/10 00.21 ST


first post :icon_smile:

I think it's gonna go down fast. eating the small seems to be growing choice #1


there would be no small players left already if it wasnt for bloody morale :(


989 Tribes (-15)
947 Tribes with points (-16)

9901 Players (-175)
9153 Players with points (-161)

16/03/10 - is there a specific time you want this done?


Nah time doesn't really matter I was just doing it so I could look backward and see the numbers diminish :p


Some of the little ones are the ones you need to watch out for :p

K Rupt

I feel like posting. HELLO PEOPLE. Lol. People playing it safe now, will make wars much more entertaining later.. :). More ODA to go around! :]


Time for an update

913 tribes (-91)
882 tribes with points (-81)

9029 players (-1047)
8362 players with points (-952)

The figures in brackets are showing the difference from the original post, so over the last week and 10 hours


so in like a week we lost over a 1000 players? wow

Scary isn't it... people quitting faster than people joining (being rimmed is not technically quitting although it often leads to it).

909 tribes (-4)
879 tribes with points (-3)

8948 players (-81)
8276 players with points (-86)

()=from last post

date = 23/24 march depending on time zone.


The strategy of BORED! has been proven to be working and now every other tribe (except maybe FRST) is following it. They are boring all the players in this world without any serious war and simply prolonging the killing of small enemies just to say that they are actually waging a war with multiple tribes in multiple fronts.
If the top tribes can keep up this farce, they might eventually get all players (even those in their own tribes) to quit this world and move to one of the newer worlds in search of a bit of excitement.
Call me a warmonger or whatever you want, but this game can never be won by playing the waiting game forever.

N.B: I am not asking BORED or frst to attack each other (it might be a bit too early for the final battle), but it would have been better if they can pick some more challenging targets like ICARUS or Sheep.


Call me a warmonger or whatever you want

I will do just that. :icon_biggrin: Warmonger. :icon_biggrin:

But seriously, it is remarkably dull. I wonder how many out of the top 10 will succumb to inactivity and boredom in the next few months.

More: :icon_twisted::axemen:

Less: :swordsman::swordsman::):swordsman::swordsman: