TSUPER and a band of refugees


So TSUPER brings in the mighty refugees The Golden Horseshoe and Legend Dairy. Then expects Hazmat to leave them alone. Hehehe what kind of TW is that. LoL.




Im pretty sure conflict with Hazmat was a given...... not like this is any news....


Didn't the tribes merge before and then go to war again? Looking forward to the 3rd part of the war.


Ryan is crazy and will sing to himself..
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So TSUPER brings in the mighty refugees The Golden Horseshoe and Legend Dairy. Then expects Hazmat to leave them alone. Hehehe what kind of TW is that. LoL.

i was not a refugee hazmat attacked before declaring to try and blind side us i was always part of tsuper from when it was first made under warlockopain so idk how im a refugee 0_o


Subject The tribe RONIN declared war on tribe WarlockOfGivingUp!
Sent May 10, 2015 02:08:09
The tribe is now at war with RONIN!

War name: TSUPER did a BIG POOPER!


When you munch excessively on barbs you ruin the reputation of not only yourself, but also your tribe mates and your allies too. Anyone can win a world munching on barbs, but it will be the hollowest of victories. If you love this game and are against excessive barb munching you should leave TSUPER now and look for a new home. I hear Hazmat, Ronin and a few other tribes are recruiting.
And to Ex-Koh players: we know what you did to your former allies. Deliberately failing at snipe attempts and recapping their lost villages. Disgraceful play indeed!

» Show war statistics
» Report offensive war declaration

Now the best part. After nearly rimming WarlockOPain exGROWTH declares on us. Hilarious.
When looking at tw stats please mind filters on top. Linking 2 players that was playing in frontlines in TSUPER time, and both take a village somewhere safe jut not to start from 0. I don't see a problem. Can you? :D

Don't worry ronin, or whatever your name is. We are comming to town!


What you guys did to warlock can hardly be called "rimming"
Rimming means you actually fought someone.
Evidently you didn't...
Warlock was killed by its own owner and from that day had been sat by players all around hazmat, trying to snipe some trains but not try hard enough.

Sure you are going to display your great conquer list, sure you tell us how big your ODA is and ODD from warlock (meaning he probably fought). But thats just to sooth your own mind, knowing that u fought a completely incompetent account after the owner went dark and backstabbed the rest of the account.
So go ahead and gloat you manage to "rim" warlock, an account that went offline 3 weeks ago, but still is alive somehow :O. IF that is the pace at which you conquer village during a war, from an account not even fighting back or defending at all except for snipes. Then good luck with Ronin.

But seeing how Nine-Inch-Nail used a co player, to infiltrate the account of one of their attackers, to sent away all troops so they could noble him without loses, might give them a Ban or village loss.
All we can do is laugh at TSUPERs silly attempts to fight a "war" with us xD
Incompetence is their middle name :)


HazMat have receive a real beating this week - kudos to TSUPER (probably been the best tribe this Week for me)

Side 1:
Tribes: HazMat
Side 2:
Tribes: TSUPER

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 194
Side 2: 249
Difference: 55


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9
Side 2: 62
Difference: 53


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,370,445
Side 2: 1,856,390
Difference: 485,945


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 79,755
Side 2: 545,140
Difference: 465,385



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How many of those TSUPER conquers came from players other then warlock??

Lets just get the facts straight before people start blabbing about how "good" TSUPER really is:

TSUPER vs HazMat
194 - 79

But wait, how many of those caps were actual fighting players, that weren't being internalled or went dark because owner screwed them over? Because HazMat had 4 internals, tower27,warlock, legallybindinghugs and the barbarian?
How many of the 194 caps were from those 4 players?

TSUPER vs Hazmat
185 (194) - 0(79)

Every Cap HazMAt has made was on a player who is still actively trying to play TW.
TSUPER has taken 9 village from players still actively trying to fight a war.

So sure they have a lot of caps, but they have all been from an account that was either due to internal (tower), Screwed over by the owner and then sat by players trying to snipe (warlock) or from an owner who left and went for internal (legallybindinghugs).

Not really sure if that what we can call: A great war..
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