Turn-Based Tribal Wars-like Concept


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Hi all,

I have been building a personal project which is an army/resource management game similar to Tribal Wars. It is playable, though it has not undergone significant testing (and I skipped unit-testing). The game is essentially designed for games of 2-4 players with the current game-mode being domination (like the Call of Duty Games). In this case each of the four players has a home village, and there are neutral zones which the players fight over. Once all players end turn, players gain a point for each zone that is in their control (after combat) and the first to reach x amount of points is the winner (as decided by players). It is turn based and players can play at their own pace, though I find it best to sit down and play through several turns when all players have the same time available. I am looking for players/testers to help me balance the unit stats and unit/structure costs/effects. If interested in trying/more details please reach out to me and I can give more details OR point you to the URL I am hosting it at :)