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These forums are completely lifeless so I'll try to inject some life into them. If you were able to start a premade and have your pick of any 10-15 players, who would they be and why? You can give a description of why or just leave it blank, don't matter. This is for fun so lets be civil people.

Shango- My hetero-life mate, enough said.
Sandy- Does more for the tribe than any other player I have ever played with by far. Completely selfless and a lot of fun.
Alekz|MC- Jersey Represent, my former co player. Dude knows more about me than most of my real life friends.
Jay (JJJ from Raven) - Total gentleman and an absolute beast, plays the game the way it should be played and doesn't get involved in petty crap.
Rednecks- Great leader and a good friend.
faaaaark- a target for flaming from world to world, I just need to have him around otherwise its boring. Like him or hate him the dude gets stuff done when in a tribe with proper talent.
Sanchez- Oh Yeah, Right On.
Lloyd-Christmas- Too many positives to list.
Starcadia- Completely selfless and a total sweety.
AusKilla- Relentless, gets under peoples skin like its his job. Too funny to watch
Xplicid- Love him, awesome dude.
Wardy- Need some soul food.
Pervis- A good friend, a great coordinator.
Jas- know him from W2, awesome dude.
Drunk- Great leader, a joy to call him duke on 57.
Ryp- Nicest guy you'll ever meet and an amazing player

A lot more I'm forgetting but I'd take anyone on with these people
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1. Are You Kidden
2. Xplicid
3. Chachi
4. Hazad
5. Starcadia
6. backwards
7. Mrs B
8. busamad
9. tazecca
10. emporer jon

and so it doesn't get boring

11. Shango Pop (for the giggles)
12. Pervis (to debate with)
13. Steven (Pleasantly Agonized) (to give me a pet name)
14. Lamby (for a bad hair day)
15. Lloyd-Christmas (cuz he's pretty)



1.stevie powers- also my hetero life mate, good at sniping too
2.AYK- for me one of the best at TW
3.auskilla- little bit *flops wrist* but awesome player
4.lloyd- enjoy watching him rip into stevie for being from jersey
5.fastboy01- awesome strategist and learnt alot from him when i first started the game
6.drakenbow- amazing player
7.ryp/wind of war- awesome tag team and love there same second noblings of multiple vills
8.bloddy 7 killer- as above but without the tag team
9.kilga- as above
10.sandy- will do anything to help anyone in the same tribe as her ur village- played world 32, best ODA whore i ever seen
12.faeria- also possibley one of the best at this game
13.rednecks- not known the guy long but seems like a cool dude pliers/kingy- another awesome tag team
15.Xplicid- every tribe needs an extra aussie
16.pervis- good player and entertaining watching him and X go at it
17.Drunk- think 57 is going to be fun with this guy leading
18.nuke diewalker- beast
19.tedeni/colt- only just met them on 57 but seem pretty good
20.bloodytroll- kinda like AYK but didnt stick around too long, can also snipe while sleeping i think

had too go with 20 as theres just too many, still missed a bunch out too :icon_sad:


in no particular order..

1. Stevie, just cos he is from Jersey
2. Peps, the man is a human catapult!
3. Csaling, happily known as grumpy smurf, send an attack his way to find out.
4. Babs, one of the greatest co-dukes out there, highly organised.
5. The Emperror, silent and deadly
6. SilentNobler, has her own style of play, but highly effective.
7. Pizz. If you want it done, no problem.
8. Congo. The greatest Propaganda machine ever made.
9. Kerricko. The best defender you will ever meet.
10. Lord Topic. The totem pole!
11. Shinner. Quiet achiever, solid as a rock
12. Conspikuous, Great Leader, Great all round Player.
13. Resputi The great.....the untouchable
14. Ausmark. A great leader in a world driven by treachery.
15. April1988. Don't get in her way, you will simply be crumbled
16. Kreme. Simply Sexy
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w53 people:

Xplicid - always happy to work with X. He actually gets stuff done (when he's not off in some other country shooting at people that is)
Sandy (wolfs reign) - She pretty much does what I tell her to do, which is a nice way to get things done and makes it look like I'm actually doing something.
Rypsterbull - I was pretty impressed with Ryp while he was around. Wind and him make a good team, though I never really got to know wind much. Too quiet.
Bloody (was on the Xfact0r account) - reliable dude, easy to work with and happy to help out whenever something was needed.
Calvin (was half of the DrunkMuffin account for a long time) - was a really solid part of Static. It was a shame when he disappeared.
wolffgurl - she went inactive due to her computer arrangements changing with her housemates or something, which is a shame. Always got along well with her.

Non-w53 people:

AreYouKidden - Nothing bad to say about him as a player, leader or personality (I think he may have actually been on w53 for a short while).
Lakewind - (same as ayk)
The Robot. - Really impressed with him in the short time I worked with him on w50.
Matalito - me and him always seem to be on the same wavelength.

I just got sick of typing. So I'll leave it at that.

Bloody ryderz

In no Specific Order:

Greeny - Honestly, no world gets so heated and wars dont happen for stupid reasons without him. Regardless as a leader or not. Getting on Peoples nerves is hilarious.
Shango - This Guy is undeniably fun to play with, still need to 1v1 him >:)
Steven - Is there anyone else I can flame on for random shit? :p
AYK - I don't think I've seen a better defender solo.
Bitey - Too much to write, simply this: He doesn't just SAY he'll cat a village to 26 pts, he'll do it too. Just to prove a point.
Xplicid - Guides of the Elder Ancients are passed down from him. Nuff said.
Hazad - If you're really wondering, you haven't played enough TW.
Emperor Jon - He may not remember me well, but this guy was freakin' epic. And from the later stories of his, I applaud him.
Sandy - Canadian... AND the MOST dedicated tribemate if I've ever seen one. She will literally fight till the FINAL drop. Also, her ripping on people is hilarious.
Coys & Wisright - If latched on to a world, and set on their own, they are like a virus....
Crackraider - A lot of people forgot about him, but Dammit I miss him!
Brandon88 - Massive troop whore, if you see him at 5mil, and you're 20mil pts. You've still lost.
AJ - ODA WHORE (+ Smaffy) = ODA Pimp
Ryp - EXCELLENT Tribes-mate. ACTIVE AS HELL ACHIEVEMENT WHORE. And just a great guy. Also WindofWar and him made W53 that much of a higher bar to reach.
Calvin - Is this even necessary? Aussie. And Asian. AA Power.
Faeria - one of Time's greatest.
Nuke Diewalker - Have you seen his name? That and fighting him was annoying yet FUN.
Malak - For lulz in the chats. :)

I probably forgot a shitload. And for that I apologize, this was just, names that came to mind.

PS. If I could have someone in the world just NOT in my tribe,
I'd Send Cats 900 Hours out, (if it were possible) JUST to hit him.


Just people that played W53:

hasoona/Dent- great combination, almost unstoppable in the beginning of the world until hasoona became sick :(
AlphaBonkers/Kitty- AB was a good war general and Kitty was a great person and player. Great combination.
Rypster/WoW- good combination, good guys and great fighters.
WW- great player
Jay (JJJ from Raven24)- great player, relentless
Rednecks- good leader and humble guy
Brad/ faaaaark- makes this world fun, bring life to the forums, good guy
Steve- very reliable, good fighter, nice guy
Lamby- makes things interesting, reliable
Auskilla- at times these forums would be dead without him, reliable in game, brings life
Xplicid- good guy, reliable, dedicated to his career
Sandy- dedicated to her tribe, puts in alot of time, I know of at least 3 accounts she was always account sitting in Static
Jess/ yonithan78- great great person and very very very reliable
Major Pleasure- shes a hell of a player, reliable and good fighter
AreYouKidden- he played here shortly, good player, good leader
Greeny- idk he brings life to the forums, always liked the guy
Lloyd- great player, great forum presence
Shango- good forum presence and a good player
Alf Hucker- relentless, dedicated, loyal, great defender, good guy
Lt. Dire- have to have someone to irritate the enemy and get under their skin. good player.
Alex, Aaqib, Jammer- good combination of players.
Darazi (Drunky)- good player, good guy, always a blast to talk to.
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My list of players some W53 and other worlds, No description

Kitty <3 and AB
Jay- Never played with him but very good player and hear nothing but good things
Auskilla/LRD- Great guy and relentless fighter. He gets things done
WW- My canadian brethern and beast of a player
Sandy- Canadian sister and she added me so got to return the favour. I did make her hair better by the way instead of the ginger look she was going for :D
Tom/Sai on the TDO account
Kreme on the MP account
hasoona/Dent- They are beast at start up. No clue how they are late stage tho
T Bone steak

I missed loads of people. Just too many good players to add


Hrm, okies, a list of some people in no order:- (If any left out, hit me up in skype, remind me etc. :icon_redface:)

TDO*/Sai - Two people, one account. Love you guys :]
AB/Kitty - Amazing players, amazing people really
Kreme - <3 goddess!!
Jom - She is super fun, and great ig!
Power - Hes from jersey....need I say more?Naw, he is a good player and fun to talk too
Percy - Philosophical, I like
Xplicid - Fellow Aussie and pro like game play
Auskilla - As above (Plus you party nicely)
Dent - Yeah, he played the game well when he did play
Lamb - Haha, good times trolling back before
Faaaaark - What I know of and have seen, good guy
Potash/Roversbeef acc - Yeah, what can I say ;o
Uk Patriot acc - Killer play style
Rednecks - Since playing under him, I am liking his style of leading nicely


How I forgot :S

Dire - Man, you need him in ANY tribe! <3
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All of Current(Active) Drama XD best spamastic group
and ghostie i cant hate him ;p
Raven-Jay acct player idk why have dealt a lot of incs while sat recently XD
Hazad ;o
old hasoona and dent one ;o owned k35 great players
Asif and Kitty <3
Potash quit member of old Drama


Bitey (ZileroX) - My co-player. Always understood where I was at with real life and didn't mind that due to my career I'd have to be away for 2-3 weeks at a time here and there. Really selfless. Is a great dude to chat to and is a well rounded player. I dunno about him, but I know I struggled to keep the 50% ennoblements each lol :lol: ... He ran away with it in the end. :icon_eek: If ya readin this, hit me up on PM bud :)

Sandy+Tazecca (Wolfs Reign) - Sandy will do anything for the tribe she's in, including taking up to 5-6 accounts, even when it's 3AM. Both are great to talk to and bring fun to the Skype chats.

Hazad - Never really put in 'player' wise this world, but leadership wise (Static council chat) he provided a lot of good input which isn't seen by many. Never gets heated when he's around.

Bloody (co-played greenmonsta for awhile, then onto Xfact0r) - Basically the same as Sandy. Will do anything for you, provided he knows you'll do the same for him.

Calvin (drunkMUFFIN) - Another well rounded player, brought back from w21. Learnt how to play TW the 'modern' way quickly. Helped out a lot not only in leadership chats but also on a player level. With this account stationed right next to ZileroX, it would have been like running into a wall trying to rim us (bias, I know. But, I am co-played so ner :icon_razz:).

j0sh (J0shs magik Happles) - Good at startup and takes a sit without fret. Knows the fundamentals of the game inside and out.

Rypster+WindofWar - Basically the same as drunkMUFFIN's review. Machines, until they internalled, ranked up, and quit lol :icon_neutral::icon_cry: Their farming method is insane... Check out their awards. :icon_neutral:

Teflon Don. (Michael Coreleone) - I know through startup he was looking at me as much as I was him. The account was only about 20 squares away, both rapidly growing. Sad to see he quit before an epic battle. Alekz <3

brandon88 (Axe.Maniac) - A quiete sombre dude. Gets the job done. Offensively he just has the luck of a ... Whatever has luck. But when it comes to sniping, is brilliant also. I think he was Rogue's only constant sniper.

cwolfgurl - Always up for causing mischief. eg. nobling deep into enemy territory. Gotta love it :lol: ... The mails that ensue are piss funny. Never complained about xxxxx amount of attacks.

Steve+Shango (Pleasantly Agonized) - Both drama queens, but both quality players when they dig down deep :icon_razz: ... Steve copped a whopping early on and didn't giveup. Respect. And shango, who was on Undecided07 for awhile there, when smokin 'herbal' stuff he goes off :icon_biggrin:

Pervis (AW YEAH) - Master manipulator. Never can trust him, unless he's your own duke :lol:

Auskilla (Little Red Dot) - I personally never had a run in with him on this world, even with accounts so close and being enemies... I just remember our battle from w50. Suffice to say, with the amount of villages we have now our battle would go forever :icon_neutral:

Greeny (greenmonsta) - Always good for a razz up on the forums. Does it intentionally... He's fine to speak to on Skype, unless it's somthing to do with leadership LOL. Kid drives me nuts when 100% he's wrong about somthing but never shuts up about it :icon_razz: ... Despite what everyone says about him, he's alllllright.

Hasoona+Dentarthurdent (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) - Freaks. 'nuff said :icon_neutral:

TDO* - Cool dude. Knows his shit. Many of Skype chats together :icon_cool:

writingfireangel - Basically the same as TDO*, only not a dude... She be a dudette. :icon_razz:

Royalist (Nuking.Madman) - One of the only non co-played accounts that made the top20, and stayed. Was a late starter, too... Down in around K74/75.

busamad - Didn't stay long on the world but I know from past worlds he's an epic, well rounded player and can also back it up in the leadership role.

Really, they aren't in order. It's why they aren't numbered. Also like to note I've only listed those who played past ~30 villages.
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some of the funniest days i ever had on this game was on skype with you lloyd and pervy going at it lol

I guess you weren't there when Alekz, Steve, myself and a couple others were going on about w12, basements and meatloaf? :lol::lol::lol: