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I play about 12 years its impossible for the prem exchange the capacity to be 1.032.977 in the whole night and now in the morning almost all resourches to be at 950.576

Something wrong is going on and the TW managers should take a look...

The P.E. only becomes bigger as much as the players on a specific continent buy resourches and is possible to be at 5mill capacity too (as long as the most players buy ress)

its impossible to shrink and become less than 1mill something is wrong

The prem exchange only becomes bigger cannot shrink...until today

i know noone will ever take the confidence to say it but you are wrong here guys

they want to shrink it so the res become cheapier and the players that buy res become bigger

You are wrong here guys...
Im talking about k 54

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The different pp exchanges are swapped daily to reduce arbitrage as far as I am aware.

You're not very clever, but that is okay.