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It is because the code wasn't built to handle 2 very important things, 1, the same server code, and 2, server codes with 3 numbers following world code.

The classic world is "enc1" which I believe it always is if there is no number following "Classic". There has been like Classic 6 before, but for some reason it went back to Classic and just stayed. Because of this the data on TW Stats is constantly overwriting itself and adding to preexisting data, it cannot distinguish between one enc1 and another because those are supposed to be unique and they are not.

In another rather large hole, TW Stats started basically when the game did, so the idea of accounting for triple digit worlds wasn't really important. This is why on many parts of TW Stats, such as player history, it sends you to like world 10, not 100-109, and to world 11 not 110-119.

These are certainly fixable, but it requires a good amount of work and from what I know about it, Stats has been on auto pilot for years. I would help how I can (although I can't write code) because TW Stats is such a GREAT tool and frankly essential for the game, but I do not know who runs Stats. I am nearly positive it is NOT Innogames as it is a "3rd Party" site, but if someone knows can you please point me in that direction?


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Tw stats is indeed a third party site.

always had the feeling they didn’t care about classics as they couldn’t earn money from them. But easy to say from the outside :)