Undead Billy Mays Must Stop

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Undead Billy Mays is out of control
I cannot believe that he posted lewd and crude things in the forum
For him to have not been punished is absurd
I cannot believe I am the first to post this here
It is high time for someone to answer Reformedzalost's call to intelligence, even if he is a pompous idiot

Undead Billy Mays

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Hmmm... Already have a fan less than 48 hours after my arrival....

To sergeant V V V V

What have i posted on this forum that is "lewd and crude"

Trust me on this you don't want to get in a
Fest with me....

Just advice take it or leave it
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Though I must admit the images are inappropriate, it 'technically' breaks no rules. I've seen lewder things (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha pun).

If you have an issue with his posts report him, and they will be dealt with appropriately.
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