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    Dear Community,

    Welcome to the changelog for Version 8.10. The focus for this version was on improving general usability and adding additional conveniences. Please let us know if we have succeeded or not!
    In this release, we also fixed about 30 bugs from previous versions.

    There will be a few minutes of downtime for each world update.

    World 67 will be updated on Monday the 11th, starting between 09:00 and 13:00.
    The rest of our worlds will be updated on Tuesday the 12th, starting in the same time frame.

    Village Context Menus

    We've added context menus (like on the map) behind various village links.
    -Among other places, you'll now have convenient access to multiple village functions directly from the village links in reports, bb codes or in the noble planner.
    -As on the map, premium players get a more extensive menu.


    -Please note that direction choice when joining a world has been moved to the "join world" screen, right above the "join" button. This was done to spare additional screens before you are in the game.
    -Changed password changing behavior to a more secure solution
    -Added possibility to switch and join worlds from inside the game, sparing you a trip back to the homepage.
    -Some browsers (recommended: Firefox, Chrome, Opera) will now display the number of incoming attacks in the browser tab, so you can keep an eye on your account from other pages. The accuracy of the values we can show is limited by space to certain values, so higher numbers become inaccurate, and shown as: 1k, 2k, etc. [​IMG]
    -Made some improvements to the mobile version: some tweaks to support tablet screensizes and the layout should be significantly clearer for many players on older devices/browsers

    Any questions or discussion? Click here for the discussion thread.