Update to version 8.29


Dear community,

We have updated all worlds to Version 8.49.

The update includes a new way to transfer to our casual worlds (without the need to be conquered) as well as additional improvements. As always the worlds will be unavailable during the update.

We would like to hear your feedback regarding the new version in this thread.

Easier transfer to casual worlds

After 14 days on a world you will have the possibility to transfer one of your villages to a casual world. Only one village can be transferred, if you have multiple villages the one with the most points will be transferred. Troops will not be transferred and your village will be moved to the casual world associated with your world.
You will find the option to transfer to casual in the settings menu under the restart option and it is called "Casual Transfer". Your villages and troops on the original world will still be available and you can continue to play there if you want to.

Item transfer to casual worlds

When joining a casual world players will now be able to transfer their items in the same way their premium account can be transferred. Please be aware that certain items will not be transferred as they would not be useful on the casual world. A report will be sent listing the items that have not been transferred, including the reason why. Items that are not transferred remain on the original world.

Reports for transferred premium features

After transferring to a casual world a report will be sent informing you about the premium features that have been transferred.

Report category for events

Following your feedback we introduced a new reports category for events.This should make it a lot easier to manage your reports during events.

Recent inventory changes tooltip

The "recent changes" info in the inventory will now have tooltips for the individual entries, providing you with more information on the item.