Update to Version 8.52


Dear community,

our new update to version 8.52 will be released on Monday the 22nd of August between 10:00 and 11:00.

The update includes a change to transferring coins to the casual world as well as small improvements. As always the worlds will be unavailable during the update.

We would like to hear your feedback regarding the new version in this thread.

Coins won't be transferred to the Casual World anymore
It will not be possible to transfer coins to a casual world anymore. We took this decision to make the casual worlds a fairer environment and avoid the big difference in coins between players joining casual that was currently possible.

Challenges reworked

The Challenges are coming back!

We decided to make some changes to the previous system, based on your feedback.

Mostly, the challenges will now be world based, and will take the tribes more into account when creating the teams.

Now your participation should have a stronger impact on the final outcome!

Otherwise, the challenges remain mostly the same. Four teams will be created, and you need to compete for 24 hours to make your team victorious and win a bonus.

Some old challenges will still be there (defeat the most units, destroy the most levels of wall between others) but we also created a couple new ones.

We are currently finalising the new challenges, so you should see them coming to your world fairly soon!