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    Dear Community,
    Find below the changelog for Tribal Wars Version 8.7. A lot of the changes we've made this time are behind the scenes (you might hear more later!), but we've definitely got some nice improvements to show off! Besides the changes below, we also fixed about 25 bugs from previous versions.

    World 64 will be updated on Monday the 17th, between 10:00 and 13:00.
    All other worlds will be updated on Wednesday the 19th, between 10:00 and 13:00.

    If you have any questions or comments, please refer to our discussion thread.

    While not yet fully complete, we have made some dramatic improvements to our mobile version for touch-enabled devices. The first wave of improvements will be released with 8.7, and we will be releasing an update to the iOS app in a couple of weeks. The mobile version is now:
    - Slicker: way fewer menus cluttering up the display
    - Easier: an updated approach to the challenge of mobile user interfaces
    - Fancier: added some high-resolution and more mobile-screen friendly images

    before / after image

    Additionally, the mobile version is now available for non-premium players as well.
    Keep an eye out and let us know what you think - we're going to continue improving in the next version.

    Full-Screen Map
    Want to take full advantage of your monitor? You'll be able to pop the map out of the restrictions of the tribal wars interface, and indeed beyond the browser itself with just a click of a button.

    Just like the other map resizing options, this is one is only available for premium players.

    - Improved Farm Assistant resources estimate calculation
    - Decommissioning is now shown in the Overviews
    - Added confirmation box for mass-decommissioning
    - Players who had already met requirements for quests that did not yet exist will now receive the quest as one would normally
    - In some cases, newly registered players will now be sent directly into the world instead of needing to fill in their login details again
    - Made some improvements to the name suggestion feature
    - Updated resource graphics
    - More confirmation boxes switched to new style
    - Added auto-focus to "OK" button for trading resources