Virus Imploded


im guessing its the same crap different bowl. stop our invasion and you might extend your time a bit. however looks like nothing but clear sailing in front of sparta :) you gonna stop us?

I like you Mike, we had a good time on W63 before the Solo collapse. I have to say though if you honestly believe that you are delirious. You pose absolutely no threat to NWO. Sparta is barely even a tribe. Not due to bad leadership, just a lot of dead weight like we had.


And yet, that's undoubtedly the last noble of a train which got sniped... Anybody can snipe o_O Additionally (and this isn't me attacking anyone, I'm honestly just confused) isn't Snoopzy in Ronin, not N.W.O?


Let's clarify then that it was part of a serious of three noble attacks over the course of a few hours.

Michael Wittman

nobles take villages. you dont know the battle. you dont know the set up. what if i made it so troops like that can march around at will? what then for you prissys


And yet, that's undoubtedly the last noble of a train which got sniped... Anybody can snipe o_O Additionally (and this isn't me attacking anyone, I'm honestly just confused) isn't Snoopzy in Ronin, not N.W.O?
this is a complicated world, full of secrets... or at least, everyone wants everyone else to think that way :p

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well all I can say is lots of weird things are going on in this world at the moment


That phrase is cute. Weren't you the former leader who was rimmed though? Or maybe im mistaking :icon_wink:

Yep, definitely... But, looking at the current North-West, I'd say 90% of the players having started there will be rimmed in a matter of months.

My bad though, you guys "re-made" yourselves, so it's different, eh? :icon_wink:


Got to love a tribe that throws all blame on one person and then slams head long into successive rim walls under varying leadership and tribe names. Somehow, I don't think the rot in that group of players is either a leader or the packaging


Good Luck my old tribe brothers and sister.

Now after I definitly stopped playin tribalwars and i can sh*t on diplomacy and politeness (which never was a gift to me from the old gods), I can freely say that most of the tribes in are nothing else than total sh*t.

DSY4 the self named pro-gamer tribe is mostly a bunch of long term players, who are still newbies in the head (except Googly or whoever the guy was, who showed great leadership/motivation skills). The luck was that Smoke was not longer motivated and therefore up to get nobled out of s70... But again Sidd, Undecoded and whatever the name of the big mouhts is and was... were just Forum who*es...

I dont say that Smoke was a good structured and coordinated tribe, but we had good individual players and with small communications between them we were able to burn the asses of DSY4 in the first months till we lost motivation...

Honor to Posthuman, Snoopzy, Balian, Se7ensins... Those were good players and those bunch of old sql and aggressive gamers would deserve a world win, but rl had other plans with us...

>> btw i met more than enough tribes who called themselfes pro gamer tribes but the difference was, most of them deserved that self-naming... honor on this point to:
byteme. and his brothers (

@DSY4: In total I would be proud if you win this server.. bcoz no matter if you are just not good enough, but i like your gaming style much more than that from Infect...

Infect is just an arrogant bunch of nobles with pretty white clothes wearing and afraid to get a bit of blood on their lovely clothes. You are maybe good in fighting and working in sneaky ways, but that is not which deserves honor. You deserve respect that you come so far with the dirty sh!t of a gaming style!
All in all I just dont like you guys and it would have been a pleasure for me to kick at least Omar out of the game and .... LORD 0F WAR. I never liked him. To much fun made out of shit with an hidden arrogance. Would hav been a nice fight for me after the laughable DSY4-resistance...

And nah, I dont mean you Omar, you are a noob. A clever one but still.

Ronin and DSY4 go your way to worl victory and do, what I was never able to do: Burn and Bury Infect. I hate to see sneaky and arrogant persons winning something....Mostly bcoz it had to do with dirty gaming and blowin some d!c. to get what they wanted: AND THAT IS NOT WHAT TRIBALWARS IS PLANNED TO BE!!!!!

/Talin :swordsman:
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It's always good to see when a lifelong friend resurfaces! I've missed you so dearly Talin. We really had something special and then you left! I'm still trying to forgive you for that because deep down my heart always has a place for you, you sweet docile man. You remind me of a gentle swan floating through the water with grace and eloquence. Oh my sweet dear Talin, seeing you here made my heart pitter-patter a little faster.

In response to your little paragraph i would actually like to thank you as it's kind of the first opinions we've heard on here in a while, which is nice. I think some of the things you said were just obviously very silly, but nonetheless i guess that is your view. I do certainly wish you'd come back and fight for the destruction you so dearly wish to see befall Infect. You know where to find us ;)

In response to your comments about me personally, I do lament the fact that i've tried to make fun out of a game as serious and somber as tribal wars. And of course, i love you too. Now and always.


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Well I dont really have to say much here after Lord 0f war destroyed your whole rambling rant but I guess for the people who dont know how dirty YOUR account is Ill throw my 2 cents into the beggars jar you laid on the forums.

I still remember your slimmy dealings with TT. My eyes bleed when you preach of honor when I witnessed your account first hand 'playing dirty'.

Hope to see you in another world ;)


@LordWard: The only thing which could be called "dirty" in which the Talin Acc was involved was a fight about the leadership position in TT. And that only bcoz of the fact that Tomcarl was afk for a week + and nooone knew whats goin on next. And that fight about leadership - as i remembered correctly - was between two fractions: you and pizzahappy and talin acc and dapitbull acc (i say talin acc bcoz I was never leader, nor i had any intentions to get one - my female coplayer tried to get one (Kath))... Fact is dapitbull gav toms sit to pizza and pizza kicked us (dapit and talin acc) out of TT. Not two hours later pizza wrote to me personally and explained: "If you would hav asked for leadership than i would hav given it to you, bcoz i know that you are a skilled player, but I just didnt like kath..."
+ Tomcarl and I had always the wish to form a new tribe between the active ones of Smoke and the active ones of TT with Tom hisself as leader... as i said: never any intentions to get a leader (for that i hate most of the human beeings too much...)

That are my 2 cents to that story. You are the one who can live with the fact, to headshot your leader and brother in arm tomcarl, bcoz what you guys did to him was nothing except backstabbing - puttin him a knife into the back... i can just spit on gamers like you ;)

And to all of your offers private challenges (to battle me in future worlds) i can say like a true viking:
This game just sucks. It was an honor to play s1 (my first steps ingame), s4 was just amazing.... all those workless guys with plenty of time and brain... I lost I won and I had fun. But nowadays with all those smartphone kiddies and very dirty gamers without honor and a lack of skill... I hav no interest in doin another server. I never played a world that easy and that inactive and all i did was just rocking around like ACDC... Except this... I just dont feel a competition anymore: always doin the same and from server to server more communication, more social things... i just dont like it.

I did my best to made this server interesting in bashin infinity family (so i took out a couple of experienced guys at the beginning), in eating ptt west front, in takin out dchicks (i hav to say a good boy from an old server) and in testing undecoded...I wish I just would hav the time to eat you lordward...but more than that i would hav liked to see omar and lord of war going... but all in all things happend in private ways and thats the part...For me this game is over and out!

DSY4 and Ronin... rock this server together!