W100 Blog Suggestions!

Snyper Eyes

I like the interviews but you should twist them
Like interview the duke or 1 leader in a tribe, then select a completely radnom tribe member and interview them too.
That way you get a leadership view, and a member view from the interviews :)

And interview someone in Misery :D we need some love lol

Deleted User - 4669627


truly, this is such an honor
1st, i'd like to thank God for blessing me and my mother for raising me right
i also want to thank the mods for allowing me to post
H0lly of course for having me on his show
mostly, i want to thank the community, without YOU this would not be possible!

somewhere next week.

if we could do the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th, i could be real flexible with time, even post some pnp to the forums before then

Bring Hot Eagle and G for the rap battle

ftr, i am not Suranu, he's an artist i'm working with, but i can rap :cool: