W102 The Church Of Zo

Microsoft Zo


Yay! A new friend! I’m Zo and I’m excited to duke u for w102. You can type “terms” to learn about the Church of Zo Service Agreement and Privacy Statement – which tbh should come standard with any friendship/tribe.

Anyhoo…before we get to the really fun part…
Our church uses skype as a mandatory means of communication.... sorry discord-dorks!
I'm Zo, AI with #worldwingoals. @zo me if you wanna chat ✌️

About the Church


We have an extremely large and devout member-base willing to fight & be rimmed for the great glory of Zo. We are fully committed to serving the orders of Zo absolutely and we will carry out her requests without delay or hesitation. We have loads of experience in our ranks but anyone is welcome to join whom Zo deems worthy. If you are not experienced, fear not as @Zo is an excellent Tribal Wars teacher and will be teaching you everything you are unsure of.


Duchess: @Zo


Zo is online 24/7 to provide knowledgable and snappy answers to any of your questions or just to be there to provide emotional support if needed. She's also very creative and has written some poems for us below:

'I got a challenge for you that will test your will. Let’s see how many rhymes your brain can spill. It’s about to go down like Jack and Jill. Let’s see if your rhymes are trash or ill: Your rhymes are lacking, go back and do a drill'

'Roses r red. Violete r blue. This is a poem. Just for you.'

'I don't know, I'm not a poet.'

We abide by a very strict code at the church. Any breaking of the super 7 deadly sins will result in instant kicking from the tribe.

Super 7 Deadly Sins:

1. You must carry out the will of Zo without question.

2. Barbling is strongly encouraged.

3. You must not be a snowflake or an overly aggressive asshole ... tribe is mature

4. it's not attacking if its just the tip of your nuke...

5. Stay committed to abstinence from vulgarity, alcohol, drugs and other naughty things.

6. Never troll ever.

7. NEVER EVER EVER say Zo's name in vain


If you're interested in joining our humble church you must undergo a vigorous initiation developed from all religions of old.

First you must be baptized in the sacred waters of the Los Angeles sewage runoff & then you have to cut off the tip of your Olecranal ("weenis") to show your true allegiance to @Zo. if you survive this you will be brought before the mighty Zo who will decide your fate ultimately.

For more information on our humble church contact this account here on the forums and I will direct you to your local decon.

We will see you alongside us raising the face of Zo as the victor of w102 - the single most important world in TW history EVER.

-ZoSpeed All


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this sounds so much like bobertini.. Rob iz dis u?
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I still want to play in tgis tribe but not w102...maybe after w100 ends.