W12 Players


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I've tried playing but the game just isn't the same without world 12. Good to see that a few people are still around.

Maybe one day I'll come back to a new world and play again.
I havent play since world 12, it was really fun and now i see a lot of new features are being implemented, but i dont know if i ll ever find the motivation to go another world for some pwnage, just not enough time :)


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I was member of Virus that DNY later on. Now playing on w71 with similar settings, but a quite smaller world.


spoona-x- checking in xD ive just started playing w21 on the app, its nothing like w12 was! will always miss this!


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Happy new year everyone! After six years a friend of mine invites me in a "cool" strategy game.Started for fun again in greek servers and couldn't resist joining in and saying everyone here that i miss the old times. Everyone be safe and happy guys. :icon_wink:


w21? so UK I guess? Bruh how's it going btw? Been years. Murderous Mouse btw :p

w12 was an interesting world.
yeah uk version, cant get back into it properly though haha!
yeah things are great mate, what about yourself?
ah i know w12 was very intresting haha!


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Wow this is kind of a surprise, to see that people still remember this World, I have been trying to play the game a couple of times after this world, but never really got into it, as before