W13 Vilage. (-1|1)

Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by stampcoin, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    Saw this while reading Offtopica.
    It seems that World 13 gets all the bonuses now days. Check out the village they got. :icon_evil:

    W13 Village (-1|1) :icon_surprised:

    Wish we had a village like that. (That is if we ever manage to fill up to the rim. :lol: )
  2. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    there was a person in world 10 who nobled one like that as well. just a single village out in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    I would take that villa :lol:

    secret continent? :lol:
  4. MooMix1

    MooMix1 Guest

    It has happened in a lot of worlds. It is/was an error with the "Start in the middle of your tribe" thing.

    I like the name he chose for the village though, lmfao. "Err- W12?"
  5. Shilood

    Shilood Guest

    Cow level?
  6. rockerdish

    rockerdish Contributing Poster

    Feb 8, 2009
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    LOL!...probably, wheres diablo then?

    So does the start in center of tribe work now?
  7. Maccano1

    Maccano1 Still Going Strong

    Jan 24, 2008
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    Ha that is so cool! I want that village!
  8. XsaphiraX

    XsaphiraX Guest

    me me me:icon_wink:
    I can play w13 for about 10 minutes:icon_surprised:
  9. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    I wish i could play W13 for the sole purpose of taking that village.
  10. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    too far away to take that village :(

    and getting rimmed :)
  11. XsaphiraX

    XsaphiraX Guest

    tough luck for you then:lol:
  12. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    Ohhh. It got moved.
    Sorry if i put it on the wrong forum :icon_sad: and thanks for moving it. :icon_razz:
  13. liverpooljk

    liverpooljk Guest

    would love to own that :)
  14. mit531

    mit531 Guest

    imagine how may people would try and take it from u. must do wonders to ur odd lol
  15. liverpooljk

    liverpooljk Guest

    its probs like 500|500
  16. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    It's better than 500|500. Most worlds do have 500|500. Not all but still most :icon_surprised:
    This is a little bit harder to find